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  1. Greetings LTT Community, I have a Lenovo laptop (IdeaPad L340-15IRH) that is connected to two external monitors, but only one is using a direct input from the HDMI port. The other monitor is connected via a Wavlink video graphic adapter that uses a USB 3.0 to power another display. I have been using this for almost two months and haven't encountered any issue until now. My issue began when I was using chrome, after several hours the browser would just crash saying something in the line of "memory full" or something like that. I thought this would be a browser issue thing so I cleared my browsing history as suggested by google but to no avail the problem still occurs after a couple of hours. Then I tried using Opera GX to test if it would have similar results and it did. There was also an error indicating insufficient memory and the only tab open was Twitch at that time. (Do note that the only application that was open are the browsers and nothing else since I was troubleshooting.) Things I have done so far: Ran CMD and prompt sfc/scannow but it says there were no issues. Cleared my browsing history in Chrome and Opera GX Updated my browsers to the latest version. Checked for latest windows update. (I'm not at version 2004) Scanned my device for malware using Malwarebytes and Windows Defender. No virus was found. Used windows Memory Diagnostic Tool to check if I have RAM issues but nothing was found. Graphics Driver are up to date. Monitored my RAM consumption via task manager but all signs were normal. System uses 25% of a 16GB memory. Device's BIOS is up to date and other drivers as well. Tried reinstalling the display driver for the Wavlink adapter. Things I did not do yet: Observe if the issue persists if I only use one monitor that is directly powered by my laptop's HDMI port. Revert to my old 8GB RAM. Additionally, just this night, I left my laptop at idle. No applications were open, just left on desktop but after several hours like 9 hours it prompted a blue screen out of nowhere and this did not occur before. At this point, I can only think of two possibilities that might cause my problem and that is the Wavlink adapter or a RAM issue since I upgraded my RAM from 8GB to 16GB @2400 mhz. But regarding my RAM I upgraded it almost 3 months and did not encounter any issue. Since whenever I encounter this browser issue my two monitors would flicker to a blackscreen and revert back like nothing happened. Or is this something to do with me undervolting (-0.120v) my laptop with the use of Intel XTU? But I hardly believe so since I did this since May and did not encounter any issues. Do you guys have any ideas what could possibly be the root of my problem? Hoping for your help.
  2. Greetings LTT Community, Before anything else, I don't really know where to put this topic, so I decided to post it here since it involves an "issue" to my laptop's LCD monitor. So there is literally a horizontal line across my laptop's screen that is somekind of dirt, and I know it isn't a scratch because the mark fades when I clean it but reappears once again. I have tried cleaning my screen with microfiber cloth along with an LCD Screen Cleaner, alcohol, wet wipes, and I even put a considerable amount of force when cleaning it, and I even used my nails that is covered with a cloth to try and remove it but to no avail. I think this mark came from the design of the laptop's keyboard which has a somewhat 'crease' or a slight 'elavation' I can't really describe but I tried to take a photo of it. A reasonable answer/solution is very much appreciated because this has been triggering my OCD for the last couple of months. Attached below are the dirt from my laptop's screen and the "elevation" near the laptop's keyboard that I was talking about.
  3. Greetings LTT Community, This topic may sound bizaar to some of you, but I didn't know where to put it elsewhere so here it is. Anyways, I just got into PCMR and I'm pretty much a petty person when it comes to clean cable management. The question or hypothesis that I would like to ask is, is it safe to put powerbricks close together? Will a somewhat electric surge or ground happen when they are close or on top of each other? I'm planning to buy a cable box to keep my setup clean and wire-free as possible. And I was wondering if it is safe to keep all the powerbricks of my two monitors and laptop inside a single cable box or not? I would appreciate a logical answer to this. Thanks! PS: I am no electrician or close to anything in that regard, so my knowledge in these kinds of things is abysmal.
  4. Greetings LTT Community, I have been looking to upgrade the RAM of my laptop to 16GB from 8GB. The laptop is a single channel so getting a single stick of 16GB ram here in my country is quite difficult, even so if the speed is at 2400 hz since most rams are available only at 2666 hz. My questions is, would it be possible to get a 2666hz ram and be compatible to the motherboard of my laptop that only supports 2400hz? Because my understanding is, you can either configure the bios to set the appropriate frequency of the ram suited to the motherboard or the bios automically adjust the frequency of a native 2666hz sodimm ram to 2400hz. I am not quite sure if my claim is correct, but seeing issues in different forums regarding some Desktop rams being automically adjusted to the supported frequence of their motherboard would hopefully be the same as well when it comes to laptops?
  5. Damn, so I wouldn't get the full capacity of the monitor then? That sucks. Can you suggest some monitors that can transmit 144 hz via HDMI cable, Im fairly new to these kinds of things. Budget is about 300 - 400$.
  6. My laptop is a Lenovo Ideapad L340 Gaming
  7. Greetings LTT Community, So I'm planning to buy a gaming monitor that has a refresh rate between 100 - 144 hz, and after researching I decided to set my eyes on the ASUS VG278QR, a 144 hz TN panel with G-Sync compatibility. I'm planning to connect this monitor to my laptop that only has an HDMI port in it (no DVI, Thunderbolt, Type C, and DP) My question is, will my laptop be able to output a 144 hz refresh rate over an HDMI cable only? Cause I read some reviews that you need a display port in order to access the native refresh rate of the monitor. If so, how will I know that some monitors require a display port in order to achieve their designated refresh rates, while others only requires an HDMI cable? The specs of my laptop is an i7-8750H with GTX 1650 and a 60hz screen. Model is a Lenovo Ideapad L340 Gaming.
  8. This is the usage of my RAM and CPU. I'm also very careful in what program I install, I also uninstalled all the bloatware.
  9. Greetings LTT Community, I'm having this persistent issue of an alt tab delay when switching between apps. I already searched for alternative fixes online such as using cmd to check any corrupt files via sfc /scannow and no issues were found. This problem occurred on the version of Windows 1803, so I updated it to 1903 hoping to have significant changes to how the performance of the alt tab works, but sadly there still a delay even if I update my laptop on the latest version. In addition, my graphic drivers are also up to date. My laptop was just bought two months ago, it has an i7 9750H and a GTX 1650, 8GB RAM. Attached below is a sample video of the said issue. Hoping to have a fix to this problem. 1.mp4
  10. Hi LTT Commumunity, I recently bought a Lenovo IdeaPad L340 and I am planning to have two monitors connected to it. Its I/O includes an HDMI port and a USB Type C Gen 1 port which is neither thunderbolt nor a display port. Although, I am planning to buy a USB Type C HUB with an HDMI port on it. My concern is whether it will output any video to my second monitor when connected to the HDMI port from the Type C HUB? This is the I/O of my laptop. This is an example of a usb type c hub with HDMI port.
  11. How can i reset it? Also, my laptop is still under warranty but i dont know how RMA works...
  12. It wont respond to the function keys that i press
  13. Hi LTT Community, I have this problem for a couple of hours now and it involves my ASUS TUF Laptop not bypassing the boot sequence and jusy staying at the "Asus" startup boot logo. Before this error had happened I was updating the driver for my geforce experience when my laptop suddenly froze so I presses the power button and forced shutdown it. Then I tried booting it up and this resulted to the same boot sequence that I am now facing at the moment. Also, my laptop has a disk drive LED indicating that if the LED light is flickering this may somewhat suggest that my ssd is trying to boot the OS. Though it shows no sign of flickering in this scenario. I also tried entering the BIOS of my laptop but it would not respond to whatever function keys I pressed. Please help me with this problem. I am a 1st year comp sci student and I deeply need my laptop for programming and other requirements. Thank you