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  1. thanks for the help i think im gonna buy a i5 or get a ryzen 5
  2. thanks for the help i think im gonna buy a i5 or get a ryzen 5
  3. i have no cpu in the motherboard at the moment
  4. why would it be a bad desicion ik it would reduce performance but could i use this mb for while while i save up for a better one
  5. thanks ik the motherboard is bad but i wanna get a good cpu then get a better motherboard some other time
  6. whats the best possible cpu that a Gigabyte H110M-DS2 Motherboard will support
  7. thanks my mb doesn't support memory overclocking so I wanted to make sure the ram would still work
  8. wanna upgrade my ram to corsair vengeance 3000mzh ram will it work with my Pentium 4400 ?????
  9. would a i7-2600 and 8gb of ram bottleneck a gtx 1080
  10. cumbum937

    Pc is funked error messenges

    When u turn on my pc it keeps showing bsod with error messenges bad pool header,tracking fatal error and thread exceptions not handle! Help!
  11. cumbum937

    witch gpu is better

    yeah my friend said wanted to know with was better i was going to get the 1050ti any thanks
  12. cumbum937

    witch gpu is better

    im back agin witch should i get the rx 550 4gb or zotac 1050ti 2gb
  13. cumbum937

    witch gpu is better

    thanks every one