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  1. Hi I have recently finished building me new pc: Ryzen 5 1400 16gb ram 2133 mhz gtx 970 asus prime B350m-a motherboard 1tb hard drive I can now access my bios. I have installed windows on my USB and plugged it in. But as far as I can get is the windows logo but then black screen. Once I got to installing windows but when it finished there was also a black screen. Can anyone help me? Thanks
  2. I would agree, but don't you think the r5 1400 is better price/performance??
  3. Yes na ssd is much faster than an hhd drive but for the same price i wouldn't be able to get much storage.
  4. i think it comes with an average stock cooler but i was planning to buy later on due to budget
  5. I would like to make a new gaming pc for around £500 I came up with this build: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/SpicyCactus/saved/BxmMpg And this one: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/SpicyCactus/saved/V8sJVn For the first one, a gtx 970 costs about £150 second hand in my area. If i bought the cheaper second list i could invest in a better mouse or mechanical keyboard. The ram prices right now are crazy so should i buy second hand? My purposes for this pc are to game and do a little bit of streaming. Any thoughts?? Many thanks, Elliot
  6. I would suggest getting a B350 motherboard as you can then overclock your processor, allowing it to perform better.
  7. This is out of my budget I need to stay below 700 with moniter
  8. Would it be worth upgrading to a 1500 or is a 1400 just as good oc?
  9. If I can oc would I be able to get some good gaming performance out of it paired with a decent graphics card??
  10. I am going to build a new pic for my mum as her old hp touch smart 520 is getting old and slow. This may seem a bit overkill for just internet browsing and looking at emails but I was planning on getting a ryzen 5 1400 chip with snappy ram as I heard it helps a lot. I am planning of putting a fast GPs in it in the future so I can play games. I am confused on which chip to get though as there isn't much out there comparing the ryzen 5 and which is the best value for money. Can anyone help? This was the planned build: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/SpicyCactus/saved/tsnhMp
  11. https://uk.m.webuy.com/product-detail/computing/intel-processors/intel-core-i5-2500k-3-30ghz-lga1155/scpuinti52500ka
  12. Ok yes that is a great point thanks