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  1. I have an old csae but it i still good this is the only old item in my setup , it is the Thermaltake Chaser mk-1. the front fan is intake and side fan and rear fan are outtake. I dont know how to create a custom fan curve. Here is a pic of the fan curve I"m using it was like that when I loaded the aorus engine all I did was move the top to 80 degrees so it runs the fans at max when it reaches 80 degrees.
  2. I have the AORUS GeForce RTX 2080 8G and when I game sometimes it throttles for about 5 sec then it slows down so temps go up to 87 degrees it wasnt like this when I bough it, I'm using the aorus engine and I set my fans to max out at 80 degrees but it still throttles. Also I have a very good ventilated case and it is clean from dust. Does anyone have any idea y is this happening? and how can I fix it? Thanks
  3. Hi, Linus can u make a review of the monitor Acer X34p and Alienware AW3418DW, a comparison would be nice. Also those who want buy a monitor should we wait for 35" 200Hz next year? Thanks
  4. sorry I should have said I want it to be a 1440p.
  5. Help me choose a monitor for gaming, I want it to be 34", Gsync, 100Hz+. . Thanks
  6. Gimme an exact name of an intel CPU and therefore I would also have to change my motherboard and ram and PSU too.
  7. I want a 1080Ti SLI. I never had a Ti nor Sli it is time to become one of the big guys..heheeheh!
  8. i..e the bottleneck between the motherboard and the video card I think it called memory bus width or PCI express, correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. My current system is: - Case Thermaltake Chaser mk-1 - Gigabyte z68-ud4-b3 - intel 2600k - Sapphire R9 290 Tri-X OC - Corsair 750W - AOC LED e2343f2k - 16GB Corsair Vengeance - Noctua NH-d14 - Logitech G700 - Logitech k800 - Intel SSD 730, WD 1TB Blue Caviar. - Windows 7 ultimate 64 Sp1 I want to go gtx 1080Ti Sli (will wait for custom cooling) will my system bottleneck my GPU? if Yes, which? - Motherboard: RGB lighting ??? - CPU Intel ??? - CPU Cooler : Noctua ??? - Ram : Corsair 32 GB RGB lighting ??? - PSU : Corsair ??? Thanks
  10. Hi, Can u make a video of TOP cases with windows side panel and y it was chosen. Thanks