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  1. Hmm will check it then do you suggest i do it in the case or remove the motherboard and do it outside?
  2. Might sound stupid, but I stay in India the place I stay the temp goes to 33-35°C during day(now a bit higher in April) and 25°C at night. I don't have an AC as well so may be hot place so hot temps? BTW not that I don't want to check the cooler but its just a bit of work and I don't have any thermal paste at hand. I will need to spend around Rs.220-250 on the paste as well for say something like a cooler master. Noctua, Arctic thermal paste are very expensive and am not sure how much better the Cooler Master(cheapest one) thermal paste will be compared to the preapplied one
  3. Yes Dual channel had no clue this game is so intensive
  4. Interesting will try your suggestion, Apart from that any idea about PBO etc any auto overclocks I can enable to get the most of the CPU?
  5. Yes I have. BTw is battlefield really that intensive? cause my GPU rarely was at 100% usage. In fact the memory usage on GPU stayed at 4GB maxx.
  6. It's at 52-60 when I have chrome with 8 tabs and a a bluetooth headset connected you really think its a thermal issue? I will do it after I buy the thermal paste. Still not a single core ever hits 4GHz, they advertised 4.1GHz , BTW I run my game at Ultra settings. I updated the BIOS on the AS Rock board as well.
  7. Hi all, So these are my specs. ASRock B450 Pro4 Ryzen 5 3500 Corsair Vengeance 3200MHz Galax 2060 Super 8GB1-click-oc Crucial MX500 500GB 2TB HDD Toshiba P300 Acer XV272U Cooler Master NR 600(1 fan in-take 1 exhaust) Cooler Master MasterWatt 80+ Bronze. The issue is after running Cinebench R20 my CPU just never boosts to 4GHz even in Single Core test. Apart from that on very rare occasion at times I do get the system just being very laggy happens rarely(2-3 times since I built the PC about 3 weeks back) when I switch on the system. Now when it comes to games the only game I have run/played so far is Battlefield 1(a 2-3 year old game). If this was in an intensive scene and frame rate drops I understand like for eg bombs going off or fire or ton of soldiers shooting/moving. But for some reason frame rate drops to 38 FPS from 120-124 FPS. Next case is when I click campaign and the game starts up for the first time I have frame drops to 38 FPS initially and then after that the games works fine. In game the CPU stays at 88° C and 3825 MHz on all cores. atleast one core should boost to 4.1 or 4GHz but in my case that just does not seem to happen. My GPU temp does not exceed 72°C(I have fan blowing air on it though) Should I try ask for another CPU from AMD given that it's in warranty? Is my motherboard the culprit? Should I reapply thermal compound on CPU and replace thermal pads on the VRM on this motherboard, If yes can anyone share instructions on how to remove the heatsink/cooler of the VRM fro this board. Should I maybe mount a fan up top, so that it blows cooler air on processor or VRM? This is my first build, gaming on something above 25-30 FPS. Is anything wrong here or is my hardware only performing as good as it can?
  8. I am using the stock cooler. And yes when I ran Cinebench R20 on all core temps went upto 83°C. I had already ran single Core 2 times before the score was 450, 456. While applying the stock cooler that is screwing it in, the cooler did move a bit and was out of place not sure if something happened then. But when CPU is not running game the temp are around 56-65°C that is a few tabs opened up in chrome etc..
  9. Well I ran Cinebench R20, but I feel either I may have changed a setting or something somewhere when I opened Ryzen master or the BIOS. So thing is till now PC showed 3.8Ghz everywhere, opened Ryzen Master and hit reset it shows 4.1 there. Then Opened BIOS and hit load UEFI defaults and again changed the RAM to XMP profile 1. So here are the images The image which shows 3.6Ghz is after I hit load UEFI defaults. Even at 3.8Ghz everything was at Auto. I have not enabled PBO as I heard it may void warranty. I ran Cinebench after this and single thread score was 450. The processor hit 3988Mhz maxx at Ryzen Master so have I got a bad CPU or is the AS Rock B450 Pro4 the culprit here in some way should I update BIOS to the latest? What are the driver that my system should be having?
  10. Hi have not run cinebench r20 will run it but even in battlefield 1 all my cores were at 3800 or 3825 most of the time with 80°C temps my bios version is not the latest 1 new update is available but I am not sure whether to update, Is it stable or not so waiting a bit... I did have Ryzen Master installed anyway to check if I messed up something their or in the BIOS? If I rem. everything is left at Auto.
  11. Hi all so I am done with my brand new gaming PC, The issue is with the processor in Games say Battlefield 1 it does not go beyond 3.825Ghz on all core I have not once seen it 4 Ghz. I have an ASRock B450Pro4 motherboard. I have not overclocked any of the components. So the issue apart from that is the CPU goes upto 80C for battlefield 1. I play the game in Ultra 1920x1080@144hz Here are my specs Cooler master master watt 80+bronze PSU ASRock b450pro4 amd ryzen 5 3500 corsair Vengence 2x8gb 3200 mhz cl16 Galax 2060 super 8GB
  12. Thanks Guys its just that I have never seen anything like it before in any of Linus or anyone videos so was not sure about it. If its nothing to worry about then I am just going to ignore it.
  13. Does this mean my card is crap or is bad purchase?
  14. So I am finally done building my new PC, but in my case I see the GPU BIOS info splash first. I see something like nvidia 2060 Super 8GB VGA BIOS V6573 Version 90.06.xx.xx Copyright etc Then I get the motherboard BIOS splash screen that asks me del or F2. Here is my Config Motherboard: AS Rock B450 Pro 4 CPU: Ryzen 3500 GPU: Galax RTX 2060 Super 8Gb 1-click OC. SSD: Crucial MX500 (500GB) RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200Mhz CL16 The PC seems to be running fine I have updated Windows installed all drivers required. Changed the RAM profile to XMP, increased the CPU speed from 3.6 to 3.8 @1.10V Everything seems to be running fine no BIOS crashes just the splash screen is a bit weird. I see some option in motherboard Advanced section but can't find anything to turn it off.
  15. okay thanks, meanwhile will try to see If I can move to a wired setup