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  1. Thank you for the reply. I currently cannot since the laptop is in warranty for the 3rd time. But i HAVE done that and i can tell you that NO temperature -- neither north bridge, nor south, nor GPU nor any base temp was above 65-66 degrees ALL TIME high. Usually it stays around 48-58 uner light load, and about 62 under a bit heavier (light multitasking). Afterwards i did something for the first time since i have this laptop -- i played ULTRA HIGH settings elder scrolls online 1080p was about 75 degrees. As i said -- it doesnt shut down even during stress tests which put it above the 90 mark... so i dont believe its thermal issue.
  2. First off yes i install preparing my USB with the media creation tool. I have tried about 12 systems. 4-5 win 8.1, 4-5 win 10 and Ubuntu 16.04 This IS NOT A SOFTWARE ISSUE. The fuckers at the store are being total jackasses and basically i'm 6 months deep (i still have warranty) but in bulgaria for a refund to happen they have to be unable to repair it. Now the problem is -- they can always just say "hey we repaired it" and when you get it back and it starts FUCKING CRASHING 15MIN after being turned on they will respond.. "Ah... impossible... you screwed it somehow! Ok send it again for one more month". If they cant do it now i will try some legal ways to obtain my money back and get me an ASUS instead. ASUS made for Bulgaria are the best in terms of stability. Also i barely have ANY software. I installed realtek audio drivers, nvidia drivers aand... yep thats it. Also i use several main programs -- viber, skype, spotify, steam, LOL, CS:GO (my only two games) Chrome and Visual Studio (.NET developer, only a beginner though). No anti-virus usually, i installed it the last week to check for issues/virues. CLEAN BABY. So basically i have BAREBONES system and get the best part -- like i said, 12min after getting UBUNTU installed i had it crash (a.k.a shutdown). So i dont think OS has anything to do with it. Yeah cyberfox MIGHT have been buggy, but i'd guess it was simply more "irritating" my already in-born issue. P.S - you know whats even more interesting? Before the last Windows installation i had NEVER crashed during CS:GO and now it was a "standart procedure" every SINGLE first-game for the day. So it COULD be a bad HDD -- however according to the smart it is in GOOD condition, not seeing any bad sectors AAND i did Defragmentation in this last windows.
  3. No. But i have to notice that it has happened VERY often when the there was no music or sound being played... Also it doesnt ALWAYS pop a sound when it turns off. It does it 1/4 - 1/3 of the times. Not to mention that after HUGE or continious amount of music/sound playback i do NOT notice a connection to the shutdowns... I thank you for the reply, nevertheless!
  4. OH MIGHTY FORUM! OH DENNIS! OH SLICK HAIR! U are my last hope. Basicaly my laptop Lenovo (Shitnovo?) Y50-70 has I7-4720HQ, 8GB DDR3 Ram, GeForce 960M 4GB, HDD 1TB WD 5400rpm. Now the bastard started shutting down after 2 months. At first it was 1 per 3-4 days, then it became every day. Once it got up to 2 a day i called my store and asked for warranty repair. They send it to the service and the mofos decide to change the whole motherboard. Ok Of course when i received it back it STARTED SHUTTING DOWN AGAIN THE SAME WAY even faster this time (3-4 times a day). I called the store angry and they told me to send it their way for their techs to see it personally (the official service they use is not in the main storeBrand itself). They gave me a small laptop to do my work in the meantime (this is not a laptop just for pornhub, yo). My small laptoop shut down itself too! I was worried my electric current at home might be the cause, but the shop called me saying it was caused by CyberFox browser (which i also installed on my replacement laptop). Cool. They send it back, i was happy that they replaced the thermal paste (and told me the FUCKERS FROM THE SERVICE PUT A SECOND HAND MOTHERBOARD on my laptop (reason -- money... welcome to Bulgaria)). Nevertheless with changed paste and all cleaned up and tested -- it was supposed to be as smooth as virgin schoolgirl's freshly shaved kitty! Guess what happened? We all lived happily ever after watching pictures of Dennis? Nope! The fucker started crashing again! In CS:GO... in Chrome... In file browsing.. Yep! { Notice that after i removed Cyberfox from the replacement machine i had no trouble. And my laptop used to crash NOT ONLY using browser, i was just too relived to think carefully when they claimed such simple problem and obviously easy solution. } They asked if virus was possible -- i installed NOD32 paid version (my internet provider gives me 1 license) and MalwareBytes 14 days trial -- I'M CLEAN AS A WHISTLE! I have NO custom programs. After the first warranty service i had RE-INSTALLED my Windwos DELETING the whole fucking drive, using official win 10 home, not doing any custom app removals or additional tweaks -- pure normal microsoft shit. I had originally used Win 8.1 -- still the same. Even under UBUNTU (had to put it for 2 days to prepare by USB flash with microsoft installation) -- it CRASHED using Firefox! Ok i though the whole mozilla software was the problem so the last WIN 10 installation i have NOT installed JAVA and i used Chrome. Still crashes like i already said! The laptop has NEVER been moved from my table ( i KNOW it defies the idea for laptop but stfu, i hate desktops), i have NEVER splashed water on it. I have not even touched it with my fingers on the screen! I love ma shit! It was never hit, nor mistreated. I paid to electritian coming home to test my electric current and installation -- i have PERFECT electrical score and equipment in the house (i had the most expensive German Relays it seems) Let me DESCRIBE THE SHUTDOWNS: I get event ID 41. The shutdown itself is RANDOM at RANDOM TIMES. It goes COMPLETELY out in a sec sometimes giving a loud pop from the right speaker. The laptop DOES NOT GET HOT -- not any higher than 64degress Celsius. Often it happens during normal file browsing or facebook browsing with 2-3 tabs! I have fixed my power options to have the min and max processor % to 100 at all times. Removed the SLEEP mode and hibernation. NONE works. I have benchmarked and stress tested it using Furrmark, 3D studio MARK, passmark and one more torture shit -- i got up to 95 degrees CELSIUS -- never have been before and NO problem! The laptop is NOT EVEN challenged by my usual activity so its not thermals for sure. The only way i can explain it is either the CPU, GPU or BIOS. Searched for this issue, other Y50-70 have reported similar shit and almost none has found solution or cause. One user claimed to have it fixed with bios downgrade from ver 3.3 to 3.0, but i cannot find that version in the vast fuckin internet. Other users reported this did not work for them. Now it is AGAIN in for warranty... but the bastards will reinstall everything, use Internet Explorer and then after 5 days of bare use call it "ok" and send it back. I can post several pictures on ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS of all the software i use (nothing is too special or non SUPER popular -- i dont consider Viber, Skype and Spotify for "unique" programs that are broken by nature, wtf..) SOMETHING VERY POINTING -- Right now before i send it -- EVERY TIME I PLAY CS:GO the first time for that day it CRASHES on the 5th - 7th round. And i noticed something interesting which MEANS something but i dont know why. I bet only YOU SMART LTT fellows will know what that is: 2 sec before it shut down i had visual, i had my character moving to the LEFT uncontrollably (all keyboard input was cut) and i had sound but everything was out of control and BAM - shut down. The shutdown is SUDDEN sometimes with a cracking pop on the right speaker and it is COMPLETELY off. I then usually proceed to start it back up, rejoin my game and finis the WHOLE game (and even one more -- all competitive) without problem! My theory is that since i have proper visuals and properly acting characters and eniviourment, it is not the GPU but the CPU that goes into some infintie loop/fuckmeimavirginError or smth like that. Maybe the BIOS causes it, maybe the CPU itself. It is VERY suspicious how it ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS happens on the first play of the CS:GO for that day. Also in The Elder Scrolls Online which i like but just installed (they gave 3 free days) it crashed ALWAYS after 2-8min of play. On HIGH or LOW graphics it matter not -- just shutdown. I KNOW these things matter, especially the last bit with the CS and the way it behaves 2 sec before shutdown... but only a super smart ninja or low-level programmer can answer that for sure. One thing is for sure -- i bet YOU people here are MUCH SMARTER than my warranty and shop fag00ts, so... My hope is that.. YOU ARE THE LAST JEDI LINUS -- MAKE IT COUNT, BABY!
  5. Windows Dual Audio Split?

    I also noticed the ability to CHOOSE an audio SOURCE if you have more than one sound card. If i get the Xonar U7 and connect via USB, can i assign it only for spotify, and then use my native sound card for the rest, or is that part of the "audio capability of Spotify" that you guys say it misses?
  6. Windows Dual Audio Split?

    SO far i have to thank to EVERYONE who have offered their opinions and replies! Thank you people! I might not agree 100% with all, but i appreciate EVERY reply! Great forum! I want to ask something. As i've posted a thread, we will be getting a budget Gaming PC to do some light video editing, photo editing, fitness software and music (spotify) usage at the reception. HOWEVER i forgot about something. Is it possible to make that the output of the audio with Spotify is ONE output... and then have another one dedicated to the windows usage, like vieweing the videos and overall sounds that DO NOT affect the first output? (the second one on headphones) Like sorta "Sound multi-tasking" or multiple virtual "sound realities". We will be using external sound card like ASUS U5/U7 if that helps. I dont even know how to "formulate" this scenario in order to google it, But i bet if SOMEONE can think of solution, its the LTT forums! Thank you!
  7. It is not. I have tested such setup with bult-in soundcard, and theres a big difference as i said in my earlier posts. BUT that goes for LOW level PCs... if a high-end gaming PC or laptop was to be taken for the job, maybe it would be different. But then again, this would make even less sense financially given that i dont need such beast.
  8. BTW in the Price Class of Asus Xonar U7 -- is that the best choice? I certainly believe it is just a tad better than Creative's atlernative, but there are other companies like Schiit and etc.
  9. Yeah, the U7 would actually be same price or even cheaper, because its available in my country, wheres those two i have to dig from amazon or smth and with shipping and taxes would actually be more. I see they launched a U5 now. I guess U5 vs U7 wont have any difference for us? The price difference is totaly negectable for business... its more for the cheap-ass home user oriented lowering (like 15$ less)
  10. Are you saying that the Fiio E10K is BETTER as a quality, or just cheaper? Because the U7 is NOT too expensive for us.
  11. I get your idea and it certainy has its merit. I would politely need to disagree though -- Now thats MY opinion on it: nothing kills the atmosphere more than a fucked up audio system inside a gym. ME PERSONALLY i dont ever hear the music at all! I'm deeply concetrated and dont care if i'm listening to my faourite Disturbed, or some st00pid Justin beiber or valz, or house, or no music at all. I literally DONT listen to music anymore. BUT for the avarage joe, a well built setup with decent bass (not too much, we dont need more headache) and clarity will be very nice. I've always hated when the gym goes with those small fucked-up speakers and uses 4 per wall, instead of 1 or 2 big ass quality stuff which CAN make the whole crowd EXPLODE in the peak hours (trust me, we've done that very well!). Also the 80$ for ASUS U7 is not that much of a price anyway. Now there is the X7 from CREATIVE, which is about 300$... that beast is overkill and i dont think we will ever see the difference except in the pocket in this scenario! So the sound-card makes the signal from audio to analog... i see. How about lag? Is there such thing, or was i imagining it? Doesn't the usb introduce some lag in the system?
  12. Yeah i had done the following setup for our previous gym: The building was METAL construction so it is one of the worst accoustinc-wise einviourments. We had THE CHEAPEST laptop with quad core (200$) and a very powerful and sorta high-class setup. We're not talking about a fucking PC-grade 5W speakers, but full blown high-end YAMAHA setup with one of their highest level stage mixers/Control cubes YAMAHA provides. HOWEVER we used external sound card ASUS XONAR U7 external sound card and the difference WAS VERY BIG! I loved it. I AGREE that the PC needs not be any powerful at all for MUSIC, however we will get a little better computer because it will be used for Light video-editing, photo editing, social media maintaince and of course clients Data Base program along with security software. My point was DOES THE external sound card AFFECT the result in terms "principaly speaking" (which i'm almost sure it does) OR does the MIXER itself play the role of external sound card taking the "music" outside the PC (like the external card will do) and thus the external sound card placed before him actually making things WORSE? Because i'm not familiar with the exact "inner working" of the latter one.
  13. Ok say we have a gym. Say we have a nice speaker setup. Those speakers connect with a big ass Mixer+Equalizer (physical ones) to power em up. Now the input is NOT a cd changer or something like that. The input will be a PC! A budget gaming class PC (sorta 500$, AMD six core, etc.)! (not some high end 2000$ shit) Now we shall be using SPOTIFY because surprisingly the VORBIS quality is very nice (i've had that setup in another gym already once), the music is free and the volume is CONSISTENT. Our country's legal regulations for music royalties do NOT care for the source, we are charged in a different way than in the USA (i'm not 100% sure how you do it over there) but basically i can play from whatever source i want after i get certified. My question is -- will we gain something by using EXTERNAL SOUND CARD after the PC and BEFORE the Mixer+Equalizer (like Xonar U7) ? What i'm looking for is to further refine the source of the sound by having EXTERNAL sound card instead of internal one, and having a good one. I DO KNOW that we're not putting lossless music, yes... but LAST time i had similar setup with exactly U7 and i was very pleased. However also i noted some small lag? when going through the external card... maybe because of USB connection to the PC?
  14. Ok if i scrap the whole DESKTOP CPU thing and go with 6700HQ / 7700HQ setup.. What can be offered given the rest of the requirements? The PCIe SSD, THE AMAZING keyboard, and AMAZING screen, along with perfect cooling?