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  1. I also noticed the ability to CHOOSE an audio SOURCE if you have more than one sound card. If i get the Xonar U7 and connect via USB, can i assign it only for spotify, and then use my native sound card for the rest, or is that part of the "audio capability of Spotify" that you guys say it misses?
  2. SO far i have to thank to EVERYONE who have offered their opinions and replies! Thank you people! I might not agree 100% with all, but i appreciate EVERY reply! Great forum! I want to ask something. As i've posted a thread, we will be getting a budget Gaming PC to do some light video editing, photo editing, fitness software and music (spotify) usage at the reception. HOWEVER i forgot about something. Is it possible to make that the output of the audio with Spotify is ONE output... and then have another one dedicated to the windows usage, like vieweing the videos and overall sounds that DO NOT affect the first output? (the second one on headphones) Like sorta "Sound multi-tasking" or multiple virtual "sound realities". We will be using external sound card like ASUS U5/U7 if that helps. I dont even know how to "formulate" this scenario in order to google it, But i bet if SOMEONE can think of solution, its the LTT forums! Thank you!
  3. It is not. I have tested such setup with bult-in soundcard, and theres a big difference as i said in my earlier posts. BUT that goes for LOW level PCs... if a high-end gaming PC or laptop was to be taken for the job, maybe it would be different. But then again, this would make even less sense financially given that i dont need such beast.
  4. BTW in the Price Class of Asus Xonar U7 -- is that the best choice? I certainly believe it is just a tad better than Creative's atlernative, but there are other companies like Schiit and etc.
  5. Yeah, the U7 would actually be same price or even cheaper, because its available in my country, wheres those two i have to dig from amazon or smth and with shipping and taxes would actually be more. I see they launched a U5 now. I guess U5 vs U7 wont have any difference for us? The price difference is totaly negectable for business... its more for the cheap-ass home user oriented lowering (like 15$ less)
  6. Are you saying that the Fiio E10K is BETTER as a quality, or just cheaper? Because the U7 is NOT too expensive for us.
  7. I get your idea and it certainy has its merit. I would politely need to disagree though -- Now thats MY opinion on it: nothing kills the atmosphere more than a fucked up audio system inside a gym. ME PERSONALLY i dont ever hear the music at all! I'm deeply concetrated and dont care if i'm listening to my faourite Disturbed, or some st00pid Justin beiber or valz, or house, or no music at all. I literally DONT listen to music anymore. BUT for the avarage joe, a well built setup with decent bass (not too much, we dont need more headache) and clarity will be very nice. I've always hated when the gym goes with those small fucked-up speakers and uses 4 per wall, instead of 1 or 2 big ass quality stuff which CAN make the whole crowd EXPLODE in the peak hours (trust me, we've done that very well!). Also the 80$ for ASUS U7 is not that much of a price anyway. Now there is the X7 from CREATIVE, which is about 300$... that beast is overkill and i dont think we will ever see the difference except in the pocket in this scenario! So the sound-card makes the signal from audio to analog... i see. How about lag? Is there such thing, or was i imagining it? Doesn't the usb introduce some lag in the system?
  8. Yeah i had done the following setup for our previous gym: The building was METAL construction so it is one of the worst accoustinc-wise einviourments. We had THE CHEAPEST laptop with quad core (200$) and a very powerful and sorta high-class setup. We're not talking about a fucking PC-grade 5W speakers, but full blown high-end YAMAHA setup with one of their highest level stage mixers/Control cubes YAMAHA provides. HOWEVER we used external sound card ASUS XONAR U7 external sound card and the difference WAS VERY BIG! I loved it. I AGREE that the PC needs not be any powerful at all for MUSIC, however we will get a little better computer because it will be used for Light video-editing, photo editing, social media maintaince and of course clients Data Base program along with security software. My point was DOES THE external sound card AFFECT the result in terms "principaly speaking" (which i'm almost sure it does) OR does the MIXER itself play the role of external sound card taking the "music" outside the PC (like the external card will do) and thus the external sound card placed before him actually making things WORSE? Because i'm not familiar with the exact "inner working" of the latter one.
  9. Ok say we have a gym. Say we have a nice speaker setup. Those speakers connect with a big ass Mixer+Equalizer (physical ones) to power em up. Now the input is NOT a cd changer or something like that. The input will be a PC! A budget gaming class PC (sorta 500$, AMD six core, etc.)! (not some high end 2000$ shit) Now we shall be using SPOTIFY because surprisingly the VORBIS quality is very nice (i've had that setup in another gym already once), the music is free and the volume is CONSISTENT. Our country's legal regulations for music royalties do NOT care for the source, we are charged in a different way than in the USA (i'm not 100% sure how you do it over there) but basically i can play from whatever source i want after i get certified. My question is -- will we gain something by using EXTERNAL SOUND CARD after the PC and BEFORE the Mixer+Equalizer (like Xonar U7) ? What i'm looking for is to further refine the source of the sound by having EXTERNAL sound card instead of internal one, and having a good one. I DO KNOW that we're not putting lossless music, yes... but LAST time i had similar setup with exactly U7 and i was very pleased. However also i noted some small lag? when going through the external card... maybe because of USB connection to the PC?
  10. Wrong Sub Forum, please delete this.
  11. Ok if i scrap the whole DESKTOP CPU thing and go with 6700HQ / 7700HQ setup.. What can be offered given the rest of the requirements? The PCIe SSD, THE AMAZING keyboard, and AMAZING screen, along with perfect cooling?
  12. Member' what Palpatine used to say? POWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER! Kidding aside, DEPENDING on the investition it would be a longer "stay in my hands" cycle. Also as i said i'm quite Power Hungry (in terms of usage), and Dennis-Episode hungry as well!
  13. First of all THANK YOU for the replies! And As far as i see it, the middle and bottom MSI are no good becuase they have laptop grade CPUs. BTW i'm not talking about a REAL beating to the death or smth... just a fun "Dennis-punchbag" episode with ALL precautions and safeties of course! No harm done, just honey for the viewer' soul...
  14. Dear LMG, I love you all. I salute you for having such amazing show. I have watched ALL episodes up to... maybe 2 years back of LTT and almost all of TechQuickie and CSS. I like every video, and try to post as much comments as i find the time to!! I want to see your business grow and Dennis not to! What i really respect and value as viewer is the 1) Honesty, 2) Spontaneousity and LACK Of too formal or censored content (the more you censore it, the less i like it). Very few people have the courage to be raw and un-dogmatic yet remain truthful and not just do it for the responses (like PURPOSEFULLY cursing to draw attention, not because he genuinely WANTED it). Thank you for the amazing work you do. First i will start with two episode suggestions: I would love to see an entire episode of beating the crap out of Dennis. Of course without any injury or health danger, maybe using rubbery swords or smth... a real Channel Super FUN for the Fans of Dennis! Also i believe it will be SUPER GREAT but super... "hard" to film the following... are you ready? I don't know if you are UP for the challange, but an epiosode feautering Dennis, Nick, Luke and Taran, with 4 girls from LMG (including Ester)... PLAYING GAME OF BOTTLE SPIN! And YES -- if the bottle spins so that two males have to kiss... THEY HAVE TO. Of course no real-tongue mash-up... that would be way too unethical and uncool... but you know the sissy easy lips-on type. I BET you don't have the ballz to do it. Obviously Linus will be sitting this one out because: 1) He's too maried and 2) No ballz for real (lol, JOKING, JOKING, RELAX!). Now for my REAL question of the thread (btw how do ya like the clickbait title? JOOKING, i'm really looking for laptop): ================= I want the following VERY specific laptop, and i'm unsure if it exist with the WHOLE combination... its a tricky thing. I bet the LTT Forum is THE BEST forum to ask for such a specific expertise! · Starting from Processor - i'd like something like I7-6900 or similar DESKTOP grade chip. Do NOT intent to overclock it, i want out-of-the-box POWER-horse! · Obviously Ram is as much as i fucking want. That is never a hindrance with laptops these days. · Graphics Card choice shall be something close to 1060 or 1080. Just one is enough, no need for SLI or smth. · Now the HDD shall not be HDD at all... i want just ONE single 1TB SSD Intel NVME PCiExpress based 750 PRO series monster for everything. It will be more than enough, i don't keep em 30 games installed at the same time or something like that. · The MONITOR is where the REAL requirements begin. I'd like FULLHD NON-flickering (PWM-free), matte, IPS monitor with 100% (or at least above 95%) of ADOBE RGB and obviously more than 100% of sRGB coverage. Amazing black levels and contrast. The best for ma eyes! Real beauty! The screen size should be either 15.6 or 17 inches. The RazerBlade is too small with his 14 inches. SideNote -- i have never used 17 inch laptop in my entire life, just 15.6 gaming laptops... and i dont know if the SPACE for my stuff will be more, or just my STUFF will be BIGGER. The first would be more productive, since i take care of the second by manual dpi settings, icon and font settings etc. Now i do not want a DESIGNER grade monitor... that is just one step too far. But i want really the very best my CONSUMER EYES can get! No compromise here! · The KEYBOARD has to be back-lid but I DONT GIVE A SHIT with what color. Red is fine, white is fine, i don't need em fancy shit. I rarely use the backliting anyway... The KEYBOARD should also be SUPER-MEGA-AMAZING and comfortable! I LOVED my A4 keyboard back in the day - it had FLAT keys (not taaal deep keys) so i assume it was membrane based? Something like that: It costed around 15$ or so. Wheres i had more expensive (still not gaming grade) Logitech one and it SUCKED ass (also it got broke like a month in... wheres the A4 lasted and STILL works for like 8 years of cum, sweat, juice, water, strikes and abuse). I don't care for the arrow keys nor do i need the numpads at all -- those are NOT priority. SPEED of typing and all the major SYMBOLS are my priority. I had ASUS ROG G55-CN265D laptop and i kinda liked the keyboard. The mapping was great! The keys.. were kinda ok. Wheres the LENOVO Y-50-70 i have now (960GTX version, fullHD IPS) is fucking SHIT! I hate both the keys and the mapping (maybe because it was for german market and it has the german special characters instead of our standart ones here but..) IF mechanical keyboards mean the same experience as the BIG ones back in the day, where you had to REALLY press it and use effort to type... yeah i fucking hate that. But i've never used modern CheryMX or similar keyboards so... i think you got me though! · Finally i do not care about battery life. I always use my charger. · I want AMAZING cooling, though! Like really REALLY ENOUGH cooling, not a hot-sausage. · Laptop thickness is not a priority -- it can be any thickness. The reason i want laptop is that i can travel with it. NOT in the sense like from the table to the bed, but like from city to city or from home to a cafe... so i dont care about battery life, but about performance and STILL "travelability"". No matter if heavier, an 15.6 or 17 inch laptop will always be TIMES easier to carry in a bag, than a full blown desktop PC, even if its portable one (due to monitor and stuff). · For now forget about budget, but obviously that 9000$ laptop is out of the question... or any MacBooks or shit. · I have no idea if sound-cards vary, but the more awesome one it has -- the better. I'm kind audiophile, but i probably not like the extra cables and hassle on my table for something like Asus Xonar U7, which i have used and is AMAZING stuff btw. Thank you for the attention, BEST FORUM and BEST YouTube channels EVER!