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  1. The thing is that they ask like 49€ just for diagnostics and thats quite bad. I just opened up the phone and Im going to assume that it might be in the battery because its from 2013 and it seems to be a common issue.
  2. It worked very well, but I have not used it for 5 months and I just found it again. It does not respond to holding the power button, trying to enter recovery mode and such. I bought another charging cable because the last one was a bit broken and only worked on one side. I already cleaned the charging port with compressed air. At first I thought that it may be an issue with charging since the phone was in a pencil case and Graphite is conductive, but after thorought cleaning the port, I am not sure.
  3. I was looking for a case fan and i noticed that case fans have size in mm or something like that under specifications. Do i have to measure it? If yes, then how?
  4. R7 360 RX 460 GTX 1050 GTX 750 TI (For 65$) Or are there any other great graphics cards for the price range? (60$-150$ for used gpus on ebay, amazon etc.)
  5. I already have a spare ATX mid tower case and a hard drive that I can use, so I need a CPU, GPU, PSU, RAM and a motherboard for as cheap as possible. I'm hoping to get all the remaining parts from ebay for less than 270€ (Roughly 310$). I'm fine with used parts as long as they aren't broken or defective. Currently I've found GTX 1050 and Intel Pentium G4400 for 150€ (170$) leaving 120€ (135$) for a PSU, RAM and a motherboard. I'm putting it together in PCPartPicker before ordering all the components.
  6. https://appuals.com/how-to-install-linux-and-run-steam-on-playstation-4/ See this article. It's possible now. (And you can play steam games)
  7. 5 Best android apps to kill time on the train or on long road trips?
  8. Would there be a performance difference if i scrapped a compatible motherboard from an older pc?
  9. Long story short, I updated my drivers through AMD autodetect, but it didn't detect that I have an APU + another GPU. It restarted itself, and then after the HP logo no login screen or anything showed up. I waited 20 mins and still nothing. Then I tried to get into BIOS to boot from my Windows 10 recovery USB, but the repair thing didn't show up either. I installed Ubuntu so I could still do the work if I need to. 4 hrs later I fixed it, but instead of Windows 10 I got into a build of Windows 8.1. I activated it and started upgrading to Windows 10. It stopped while rebooting because GNU GRUB was on (Ubuntu bootloader). It went straight into the console and I couldn't go back so I wrote exit to get past it. After that it didn't go past the HP logo screen even after rebooting 5 times and waiting 5-19 mins. Through a lot of messing around I can get to BIOS or win 10 system recovery. I have tried to boot from Windows 10 recovery drives and Windows 10 installation drives, but they didn't work. The Windows 10 recovery menu crashed when I tried to reset or do anything else other than booting from USB. Any ideas on how I could fix my laptop?
  10. I recently updated my GPU drivers. After it rebooted nothing showed up. After that I remembered that I have an AMD APU. The login screen does not show up, but the HP logo does (I have a HP pavilion 15 laptop with AMD a8-6410 APU). I can only see a blank screen with my mouse. The main question is, how can I reinstall my OS? BIOS doesn't seem to come up either.
  11. Yeah i think im going to add more ram after a while after completing the build
  12. Will i ever use more than 8gb of ram? My options are 16gb or 8gb + 120gb ssd.