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  1. Meeh not really...saving money for 2 years now Why is that
  2. If i want to do some gaming i have the high refresh rate (and it's ok for graphic design since is an ips display)
  3. I found this PC build : https://pcpartpicker.com/user/teoboss/saved/RnQp99. What do you think, shoud i change something ? (i will use it as an editing/graphic design rig)
  4. Btw, i will use it as a graphic design, editing video rig
  5. I put together this pc and i want to know what you guys think and if i should change something : https://pcpartpicker.com/user/teoboss/saved/RnQp99
  6. Yeah, i thought it was a good build it was in the same price bracket sooooo
  7. I saw this build on other post : https://pcpartpicker.com/list/PzG4Gf. Is it any good ?
  8. I live in France (i thought of price differentation and it's not a problem)
  9. Video editing , graphic design and some gaming
  10. Hey guys, i want to build an "editing + some gaming" rig for my birthday. My top budget is $4000. I have some requirements - the monitor must be at least 1440p - at least 1TB of SSD/ M.2 storage (i don't want hdd mass storage because for a build like this, slow times don't fill the bill) - the case is : Enthoo Evolv Atx Tempered glass