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  1. Hello everyone, I'm really tired of this issue, which is an Audio problem that recently made my life a mess. First of all, My headphones are recognized as Speakers and the sound quality is horrible and flat as all of you know it is really bad for Fps games. secondly, My microphone is recognized and it is not working. I tried getting a PCI Express sound card but it was not compatible with the crappy WINDOWS 10.than I tried reinstalling all the audio drivers from device manager. I tried updated my BIOS. I did everything. I missed something, I took my Pc to the technician and he said that my On board Audio controller is working fine.I'm worn out of this issue. I need help ASAP. My motherboard is not very good, I have a Gigabyte H81-S2H and a Core i5-4460 and 8Gb of Ram. and BTW my front panel audio is corrupted.
  2. Thank you I'll see what I can do with it, And if it work's out I'll let you know.
  3. Hello. I have a problem with my integrated ethernet port, because sometimes it works and sometimes it does not connect and does not appear in the performance tab in the Task manager. I have an External Adapter to use. I am wondering if I can fix this. Any help would be appreciated . Thank you.
  4. there is no Background programs running and i play on meduim settings
  5. Hello everybody, I have a PC that has an core i5 4460- 4Go RAM- GTX 750 Ti Oc ( One fan in it ), I play GTA V on a 900P panel, and yet I face huge lag while playing, sometimes the game freezes on me. What can i do to make it better ( I think the GPU is well able to run the game on 900P display) is it Ram that causing this Lag. Looking forward for your answers and suggestions. Down below is my Graphics Card
  6. I used spacesniffer on my E drive and found a folder containing my movies which were missing yesterday.they are 68 Gb. it is named as Found.000, when i try to access this folder it says access denied even though I am th Administrator Any ideas
  7. I'm sorry i run it again and it has found the missing 68 Gb and the folder is called Found.000
  8. yes and nothing has shown
  9. Nothing.same files,but it gave me error code 5 in spacesniffer
  10. Hey guys.yesterday i removed my WD 500 GB drive and installed it in my friend's PC to get GTA V cracked. i transfered the game to my E drive, But when i got home i didn't find the game, although there was a 68 GB token from the E drive ???!!! What should i do ?
  11. thank you guys for answering,i was just about to sell my current PC,But after all your ideas.i think i will upgrade my RAM and My GPU to the MSI 1050 Ti. THNX
  12. Hello everyone. I just want to ask Linus for an advice. I have a core i5 4460 3.2 Ghz. 4 Gb of RAM. MSI H81M-P33 Motherboard.and an ASUS GT 730 2GB V.3 In my country,If i sell this PC. i can buy an. Core i3 6100. ASUS H110M Motherboard. 8 Gb of DDR4 memory.and an MSI GAMING X GTX 1050 Ti. Should i just save and upgrade my GT 730 to a GAMING X GTX 1050Ti,and keep my current PC, or shold i change it to the i3 6100 build. ??????