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  1. No I have all that disabled, when you click on the WAN Tab in the Modem it doesn't show a WAN Address either.
  2. It's my public IP so I won't want to do that. I don't get it though, I log into the modem, go to LAN says bridge enabled, says only port one will work.. well even with it enabled all ports or working.. And the IP address that the Modem puts out is completely different than the one the routers getting. Ones was 67, other started with 77. I'ts just confusing the hell out of me.
  3. Yeah, I got on with text chat and the person said I was the one who had to enable it, Spectrum is all I have around this area for now until a local company called Empire makes it way to my address. Oh well, thank you for the help though.
  4. Hello! I have an interesting question for you. So I am on Spectrum basic plan, I have it setup with them to use my own router. Here is my problem! They gave me the technicolor tc8717t Modem / Router combo, I went in and Enabled Bridge Mode and turned everything off to use my own Router.. Fun problem, in the configs it says Bridge Mode is on.. but it's not.. I connect my desktop to the Modem / Router combo and I get a Ipv4 and ipv6 address, while on the asus rt-acrh13 that I am trying to use for Wifi since the Modem / Router has the WiFi off. get's a completely different Ipv4 address and no ipv6 address. mind you this is while they are BOTH plugged in.. in my asus rt-acrh13 I have the ipv6 set to passthrough mode and it's still not giving my ipv6.. Is there something I'm doing wrong or is this something to do with the Modem / Router Spectrum gave me?
  5. I got it working easy, only problem I had was in the post it said. - "Search for 79050fba6b240e " - string wasn't found, all I had to do was change the 79 to 75.. Cards I used were Evga 1060 6gb sc and a MSI 1060 6gb.. Most games I did notice an increase in FPS.. Other games such as ARK seemed to be capped at 15fps.. there could be something I am missing as to why I lost performance, or it could just be ARK being a fickle bitch. Other than that thank you very much for thos guide you guys rock!
  6. Friend of mine gave me a Dell XPS 8900 because it wouldn't boot, fans turned on nothing happened after. Did some poking around and figured out it was the RAM. Took all the ram sticks out and tested each, they all work, now if I try and stick these RAM sticks in Dual Channel, well nothing happens, put the ram sticks in single channel everything boots just fine. So what I'm trying to figure out is why the computer won't post when it's dual channel. This is the original RAM too. Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks!