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    Engineering and computer science.
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    Electrical engineer and Developer


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    Intel i9 9999k overclocked to 11.4ghz
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    Kingston 1024gb (4x 256gb) 1333mhz
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    4x Nvidia Quadro
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    cardboard box
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    40gb ibm hdd
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    5000w generic psu
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    three 1024x1024 CRT's VGA BABY!
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    liquid nitrogen
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    On-screen keyboard
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    Apple mighty mouse
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    Microsoft Office 2003

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  1. Hi guys, I live in an old house where the walls are very thick and my WiFi cannot be accessed unless you are present in the room that the router is located in. As a result WiFi range extenders do not work as they cannot connect. I’ve been trying to a WiFi range extender/access point that can be connected using an Ethernet cable, as I have an Ethernet going outside the room and into the desired location and I would like to use my WiFi only devices in this room. I've seen multiple with an Ethernet port however the information suggests this is only for connecting a device and not for connecting the range extender to the router. I’m looking for a solution that is less than £40. please advise, thank you.
  2. Ah, good point. The Canadian government then, as they do enforce laws against this.
  3. I sure hope not, the FCC wouldn't be too impressed if they were ;-)
  4. Hey its a Hitron CODA-4582 router provided by Rogers and I believe it is acting as both modem and router
  5. Hey everyone, I have a Rogers Ignite package that provides speeds up to: 250mbps download and 20mbps upload. My speedtest vary, but that is not my problem. Basically, my devices when connected to the WiFi are very temperamental, this is unique to my internet only as I have tested. One minute I am using the internet without issues streaming 4k content, the next every page I attempt to load hangs and does nothing, if I can get a video to even load it will only play in 144p and that's after a good thirty seconds of buffering. This happens on every device periodically, it will randomly happen and occurs multiple times per day. I have tried getting help from Rogers customer support, however all they seem to offer is restarting the router which obviously isn't working. When these hangs occur, I also got significant hanging and load times when trying to access the router control panel too. Sometimes I can switch from the 2.4ghz SSID, to the 5ghz one and it will work for a minute and then the same will occur and switching back doesn't work. Please help me, I'm just a residential user, tech enthusiast. By no means a professional. I just want to watch LTT without these complications!
  6. I meant an adapter that will allow me to plug an earthed/grounded uk socket into a grounded us socket
  7. I live in the United Kingdom, but spend a lot of time in the US and Canada visiting family. I own lots of appliances that use the US/Canada two prong plug, which I bring back to the UK. All of these appliances are rated 100-240V~50/60Hz. I was wondering if wiring an American socket in my British home would be possible/safe if used with only these appliances. Alternatively, I was interested in an extension cord with several US/CAD sockets that would connect to a my British sockets at home. Lastly, my British plugs such as my laptop charger has an earth/ground prong is it possible when using it in the US/CAD to get a power adapter that has an earth/ground pin.