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  1. So I found a good deal and bought a 2018 vivobook s15. It didn't have any OS listed so I just assumed it would come without any OS and I'd install windows on it. After doing some searching I found out it comes with endless os which seems to be some chrome os open source alternative. Does anyone know if I'll be able to just format the SSD and install windows on it or should I just cancel my order before it gets here. Saw some weird stuff online about endless os not being able to format the ssd / not reading the boot drive and stuff. If model compatibility matters its an Asus Vivobook S15 S530 Thanks
  2. Thanks everyone! Yeah it was a budget pick, so i chose cheap
  3. Apparently some people's opinions are that the coolermasters 212 evo isn't powerful enough for an i5 8600k. But I also found reports that its good enough and could even oc safely to like 4.5ghz. I am not planning on overclocking it. In standby/youtube it goes up to 40ish celsius. On overwatch with a video open it goes up to around 59 celsius max. So if I'm not planning on overclocking this CPU is the 212 Evo enough? Thanks!
  4. First of all , thanks everyone for the answers! I got this cooler cause i was basically out of money after buying the mobo and processor. I don't feel like I need to OC since even the games Im playing arent that CPU demanding. So why is the cooler not good if i use default factory settings on my mobo and processor? Is there a chance of overheating or something? Thanks in advance! Edit: Never OC'd a cpu before so, advantages / uses of undervolting the cpu?
  5. Hey everyone! So I bought myself an i5 8600k. K being unlocked for overclocking. So here's my question since I never oc'd a processor. The specs base clock speed is 3.6GHZ aprox 3600mhz. So since the processor doesn't come with a cooler I bough a cooler masters h212 evo. This was also my first cooler which wasn't stock so I decided to monitor temperatures. I downloaded the CPUID HWMonitor app and took a look at my temperatures and clock speeds. Everything is fine but i noticed something. Windows' monitor and the CPUID one both show my clock speeds at 4187-4193MHZ. The specs turbo are 4.3GHz. So , I was wondering how come my base clock is 3.6GHz , the actual one while watching yt and playing some games is like 4.1GHz and turbo is 4.3GHz? To my understanding Turbo is their certified safe OC ammount. I don't plan on OCing it. Will the processor basically up it's clock speed while not under heavy use and at low temperatures? Thanks!
  6. Also I am not considering the 8700k because I live in Romania. We have really fucked up retail prices due to the shitty economy so It will end up being considerably more expensive than the ryzen 5 1600x. Right now I can get a ryzen 5 1600x for around 250 euros which is still a bit higher than msrp. The 8700k will be like 400 euros at launch which is just insane.
  7. 1. I'm living in Romania 2. Main currency is the RON 3.I don't have a cooler picked for it yet but I'm guessing I'll be picking a pretty beefy one 4. I want to upgrade it because it seems the 4790k is bottlenecking in a lot of new games and I would like high freq ddr4 ram
  8. Hello everyone! I have an asus gtx 1080 o8g (the beefier version) At the moment i am running an old i7 4790k w/ an asus z97 pro gamer mobo. I am looking to buy a ryzen 5 1600x , and a Corsair Vengeance LPX 16gb ddr4 3200MHz dual channel kit. I am choosing this ryzen for gaming and because I belie it is future proof. (not gonna change it for a few years) I am new to overclocking but I would like to overclock my ryzen. I need suggestions on a good mobo that would let me overclock my ryzen and that is if possible also not too pricey. I am willing to spend around 150 dollars / euros on it. Thanks in advance for reading and for any suggestions!
  9. Hello everyone! I'm using an old HDD and today I was about to buy a WD Blue except my Sata cable which is a 6GB/s one (Pictures below) broke and from what I've read the wd blue doesn't come with cables. My Motherboard, an Asus Z97 Pro-Gamer comes with 4 6GB/s ports and 1 Sata express port (dont exactly know much about what this means to be honest) but i know that the WD Blue uses 6GB/s cables (correct me if I'm wrong). So my question is , to connect a WD Blue to my PC i will need my PSU cable and sata III female cables like these ones? (the link is an image to a Nanoxia 4x SATA-III Female). Pictures of the broken cable in question: its a 7PIN one (the part that goes into the HDD broke, the motherboard end is intact)
  10. @Firecheetah13 This are pictures of the broken cable in question, and this is what is written on the part of the cable that plugs into the HDD: Serial ATA 6G 26AWG E208931 AWM STYLE 21149 80C 30V VW-1 TRI WIRE TECHNOLOGY, I'm assuming that the important part is that it is a 7pin 6GB/s cable. Photos: the metal part is what broke off
  11. Hello everyone! My old trashy hard drive sata cable broke as i was about to remove it. I'm about to buy a WD Blue 1tb but I dont belive it comes with cables, so since I'm not good at cables I need your help! This is the cable Im thinking of buying, for those afraid to click on links , its a Nanoxia 4x SATA-III Female cable, is that and my power supply unit cable what i need to connect a WD Blue 1TB HDD to my PC? Thanks in advance! P.S: HDD in question, a WD Blue 1TB
  12. Thanks for the suggestions. I do have a 2 years old ssd, a samsung 850 120gb one but about 60%of it is taken by Windows 10 and some stuff that i need to load up fast. Sadly since im not from the states/canada retail pricing is a bit aids so SSDs are pretty expensive, so i was thinking of getting a pretty fast hdd. Also sadly my current hdd has been through a lot of defragging and formating, its like 9-10 years old so it definitely needs a replacement. Also for example whilr loading up Witcher 3 on max settings it spins up and vibrates like crazy. So a WD blue or barracuda? (weirdly the wd blue 5400rpm has the same price as the 7200rpm one)
  13. Hello everyone, and thanks for taking time to read my post, so here it goes: I'm using a pretty high end gaming pc, 1080 and all that but i haven't had the time to upgrade my hdd, so I'm currently using a really old samsung 1tb sata II 7200rpm shitty hdd. I've been researching and I'm positive that I'm going to buy a WD hdd, but I cant decide which one to get, the 1TB WD black or the 1TB WD Blue. I've found a lot of stuff saying that for gaming a getting a black over a blue wont make a difference but I've also found articles saying that black having 2 processors is considerably better, so I need some advice. Which one should I get? The 7200 RPM 1TB Blue or the 7200 RPM 1TB Black from WD? The price difference in the country that I live in is about 40ish usd so money won't be a problem. Thanks in advance!