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  1. Update: i Updated GFX card vbios, it didnt do anything to help the problem.
  2. Hi, So i bought a new Asus ROG 5700 XT and a samsung 970 evo nvme ssd 256gb last january. I keep getting random freeze for 1-3 seconds with no regular intervals inbetween. Sometimes these freezes goes into blackscreen and i have to restart, maybe 1/8 times. what i have tried: I have reinstalled windows 3 times when i changed my GFX and my SSD. I have tried using ddu several times over the past months (every time a new driver came up) My temps are good as far as the sensors see it (cpu and gpu) on realtemp and gpu-z. I've tried changing the ports my gfx is connected on my PSU. turning windows game mode off. I really dont know what else to do. Please help. MY setup; I5-7600k MSI z270 SLi plus mobo Corsair hx 750w 2x 8gb gskills ripjaws 2666 radeon ROG strix 5700XT 1tb Samsung 860 evo 1tb WD HDD 256gb 970 evo nvme (windows) Thanks you in advance for taking the time to look into my issue! Frank
  3. The problem is they activate it when you choose the "gaming" profile wheb you set up the software. This is kinda retarded since they know it doesnt work.
  4. I am using freesync, my monitor is a brand new asus tuf VG27AQ, i know it supports both gsync and freesync (adaptive-sync) but i dont know about freesync 2. Any way i could find out? Also, is there software updates for such monitors? That's pretty drastic, unfortunatsly i had to reinstall windows too since my ssd died in the process of moving it, so i doubt it's the problem. Thanks for the advice. I mean, dont get me wrong, the fps are great at 1440p, i just never had so much bugs as far as i can remember and i pretty much always have owned AMD gpus. The worst was the drivers on my rx 480 that caused pretty shit fps when new games came out but else than that, it never had core clock fluctuation while the card is sitting at 60 degrees celcius (real mountain and valley with 5700xt, rx 480 was flat at 1285mhz without any movement). I wish i have had the same plug and play experience as you haha.
  5. The user has been building his computers since he was 10 and hasn't had that much problems with a gpu since he started doing so. The first gpu was probably faulty as i dont have such huge core clock dips in the second model. That's why i have been here to try and get some help but all im told is to ddu/reinstall card/RMA which i have done several time. I finally found the solution to the major problem after few more hours of googling, and ofcourse it was a setting in amd's trash software and drivers that made all my game crash over ans over. If you guys see someone having crash issues with 5700xt, tell them to turn off the enhanced sync setting, fixed the most part of my crash (altought somme stutter still happens, i can't figure ou why). If anyone has an idea for the stutter other than being amd's trash driver please let me know.
  6. Thanks. Unfortunately it crashjed the first game i launched so i guess 5700xt are fucking trash lol. ill try dddu anyhow before returning it,
  7. Hi, so i just returned my rog strix 5700 xt and bought a new one because i think it was defective (unstable core clock and random black screens) Do i have to ddu the driver since it's exactly the same card? Thanks!
  8. that would be really weird as the windows is fresh install and i didn't go anywhere that could have given me a virus. i did DDU and install yesterday and it didn't change anything. Thank you for your help, if anyone ever heard that sound let me know.
  9. that's exactly it. My games stutter every time that sound goes off. never heard that sound before nor found in in the windows sound library.
  10. haha it was a typo, it's the three tone sound u hear at the 1 sec mark.
  11. Hi, since i changed my gpu and made a fresh windows install i am getting some weird noise along with a 1 sec stutter when i alt tab into league of legend (only noticed on this game). i am also getting casual black screen when i first load into a game where i have to reboot my computer (mouse still moving tho) Anyone has an idea of what it could be? recorded a quick video of it, the sound is at the 1 second mark. Thank you and happy new year. Weird noise.mp4
  12. Alright. Do you have any good software to monitor the gpu properly to see if it still spike randomly? Edit: my game just randomly crashed and the gpu was at 6mhz on gpu-z. guess ill go refund it.
  13. So if i get this right they haven't had any of the core fluctuation i had? also thanks for your comment. i did just as the website instructed and reinstalled the drivers without internet. What now?
  14. Ok, so what am i supposed to do with this software?