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  1. No cpu fans are ok the only fast fan is the gpu and I ran my pc with another gpu and it worked fine ... what should I do
  2. I did a post on this but I didn't specify what fan was running super fast. [basically every time I start a game it playes for a while then the issue occurs ....keep in mind that this used to happen to me once but not very often (2-3months)] and now I know the question is how do I deal with it Specs: Intel i7 6700k Asus Z-170A Evga 850 b2 Msi gtx 1070 founders edition Corsair i100 Hyperx 128 ssd Wd 1 tb hdd Btw the gpu temp is 75 C on average will running games
  3. Could ot be that my psu is not giving enough power and the gpu spiked
  4. Can a full SSD cause this problem because somehow it reinstalled all of the mods on the ssd and filling it up so i deleted them Also it turns out that my gpu fan that is going crazy
  5. Intel 6700k Gtx1070 founders Evga 850 b2 bronze Asus z170A Corsair i100x water cooler
  6. This happens every month or so , but now every time I try to launch a game the screen goes black the system crashes and the fans goes crazy .... and I'm very afraid that my PC is permanently damaged .... what should I do?