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  1. A small shoutout for the great video by DIY Perks, that built a leather and brass PC case (and shows ho do it). His videos are always interesting, but I thought this might interest the fans of brass & leather PC builds here as well. Enjoy it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZZGdWV5WX8
  2. Let's bump this one, I am really interested in knowing more on this one, especially the release date. I need a new computer badly. Anyone got more info in this?
  3. Any news from the chrystal balls here? I'd love to have that board, but Asus' silence on it is deafening @Jurrunio
  4. Thanks for your reply. What I was wondering, if yu use an adapter, will you still have to option to power the laptio by the monitor? Most likely not, I assume?!
  5. Thanks for your reply. That's interesting for sure, especially in combination with the other peripherals. Do you have one system linked to your display?
  6. Hi, I would like to upgrade my PC and display, and in the process I would like to start using both my laptop (DELL XPS 15 9570) as well as my computer on one display. My laptop has a TB3 (USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C) connector that I was thinking about using to connect to the display as well as recharge the machine. I am no expert, but if I'm not wrong, you need USB type C on the monitor to achieve this? However, trying to select that as a connection option in PCPartpicker to filter monitors, it's not an option. Am I missing something? What is the best way to connect a laptop to a monitor with TB3? Many thanks in advance for your insights! Best regards, Jeroen PS: sorry, I'm new to this.
  7. Dunno either, but it's such a great channel and such a shame.We have to keep him "on air"
  8. Hi Linus, there is a new opportunity for a Storinator project! DIY Perks, a really nice channel (1.4 million followers) on DIY stuff (also around computers & tech) seems to have lost his data. Perhaps you can help him out? Some nice projects can be found below. DIY Perks: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUQo7nzH1sXVpzL92VesANw - cool RGB headphone stand: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7ZwQa8vYnY - foldable desk PC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaoFh1DH51U This guy seems very nice, I love his videos. Perhaps some new opportunities for the both of you?? Many thanks! Best regards from Holland! Jeroen
  9. Well, I work on personalization concepts for ecommerce, in which all kinds of data on website usage and social network analysis is combined, and the second topic is logistics network optimization for retail. My two colleagues partially aldo store on it, . the core is backed up on a wd elements and cloud (which i forgot to mention)
  10. Hardware CASE: Synology DS2415+ RAM: 6 GB RAM HDD 1: 10x 10TB Seagate IronWolf ST10000VN0004 HDD 2: 2x 14 TB Seagate IronWolf ST14000VN0008 The RAID IS a SHR, Synology Hybrid Raid, with a capacity of 114 TB. Currently, I'm using about 104 of it. Software and Configuration: The NAS is running DSM 6.2.1-23824 Update 1 Usage: I work for myself and use it for scraping and calculations. And the other 113 TB is for private stuff Backup: Backup? Yeah, the important stuff is backed up on a WD Elements 4TB external USB drive Photo's: I hope this is homely enough for you
  11. thanks all, I will have a look at them!
  12. Good evening, are there monitors on the market (preferrably ultrawide) that are natively capable (so, without switchboxes or the likes) of simulataneously showing the image of two systems (for example, workstation and laptop)? Many thanks for your advice! Best regards, Javaan.
  13. Many thanks, and sorry for my late and short reply. As said in a previous reply, I was very much triggeredby Linus's videos, but it just doesn't make a ton of sense. For this year, the project is on ice, will have a look at it again mid next year, but in a different direction. Again, many thanks.