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  1. Also, I guess 'extending' is also done via Windows+p
  2. Wouldn't that have the same outcome?
  3. Actually have no idea, I guess 'Microsoft Basic Display Adapter' or something... Most basic gpu you can get I suppose.
  4. I recently got a second monitor, which I want to use to improve my productivity. When I use the windows+p shortcut, the screen which pops up on the right side says: 'this pc cannot project on another screen. Reinstall the drivers, or get another graphicscard...' I checked the drivers and they all seem to be up to date. Is there a way to fix this problem? Thanks in advance.
  5. So the 1060 is better or just more expensive?
  6. Ik ben van België?, prijzen komen grotendeels overeen, niet?
  7. Don't really see the reason why i should overclock... Its just for some recreative gaming... Yeah anybody is talking about the rx 480/ gtx 1060, I guess they are some sort of equal? No major differences between them?
  8. BeNeLux, would probably buy stuff from Amazon.de
  9. Sup, Anybody who knows good parts for a 600€ gaming pc? (without Case) Also, should i look for a good i3 cpu or a slower i5? A PCPartPicker list with suggestions would be very much appreciated! Thx
  10. Any suggestions for a 600$ pc? (without Case) Thx
  11. Just stuff i have laying around