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  1. WhiteDragon8080

    Thermaltake Riing Plus Fans not Syncing in Color

    Never mind my fellow gamers! I made a rookie mistake and mounted the last fan differently. So it was synced the whole time.
  2. Hello fellow PC people! I just build my wife her computer and the thermaltake riing plus premium fans I got her wont sync. I can control them in the thermaltake software but I cant sync them. By sync I mean for the rgb default one or all the fans is off. How can I sync them. System is a Ryzen 2700X
  3. WhiteDragon8080

    Need help deciding new hardware!

    I want to wait but say I dont out of the 2 options which one is good for my use case? Also side note, if the CPU out right dies will it take my GPU with it?
  4. Hello everybody! First I want to thank u guys for stopping into my post and helping my out. I am currently having to build my wife a new PC do to the fact her cpu is dying and with now things have gotten progressively worse with the symptoms I dont think it will last long. She is a gamer/streamer. She will watch YouTube or watching her friends stream, while streaming, while gaming. While I just use it for YouTube or Pandora while doing homework. The parts I know I am getting/already have. 16gb 3200mhz ram (2x8) (getting) 1080ti Strix (have) 1000w psu (have) Thermaltake 360 aio (getting) Now for the part I am having trouble with, now which one of these 3 do I go with? 1) 8700k 2)2700X 3) Wait for Zen2 Cpu and Mobos
  5. WhiteDragon8080

    Ryzen 5 3600 performance leaked?

    I agree on the GPU point @poker1059that is very suspicious.
  6. WhiteDragon8080

    Ryzen 5 3600 performance leaked?

    Thank you very much, I honestly thought I had stumbled across some major leak! Lol to bad.
  7. Hello fellow people of the internet! I am posting this because I am currently deciding between a 2700x and a 8700k for a build. Well while doing research I came across this on UserBenchmark. https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i7-8700K-vs-AMD-Ryzen-5-3600/3937vs4040 It claims the 3600 is going to be 200 dollars and is only performs 2% according to there chart. Fake news or possibly leak?
  8. WhiteDragon8080

    CPU over heating

    You guys are amazing! Thank u so much!!!!!! I wish I could give u guys shout outs or something!
  9. WhiteDragon8080

    CPU over heating

    Thank u guys very much @B16CXHatch for the advise and help! Thanks for the help as well@LIGISTX
  10. WhiteDragon8080

    CPU over heating

    While we are still troubled shooting this I wanted to say, LIGISTX Thanks for the hell by the way! And thanks for the help as well @B16CXHatch
  11. WhiteDragon8080

    CPU over heating

    @B16CXHatch after about 5 mins now, its hottest core is 68C. Anywhere from 65 to 68 on cores 1-3 and 4 for some reason is 57C to 58C.
  12. WhiteDragon8080

    CPU over heating

    @B16CXHatch How long should I run this test for? I am running it now
  13. WhiteDragon8080

    CPU over heating

    @LIGISTX Aida64 statistics report the averages to be from 61.3 to 69.0 with a high of 78. I am still running the stress test.
  14. WhiteDragon8080

    CPU over heating

    it is currently wildly and I mean wildly moving from as low as 58C to the hottest core at 78C
  15. WhiteDragon8080

    CPU over heating

    How long should I let it run and should I have Heaven running as well to simulate a "gaming" load?