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  1. Phenom II upgrade to x6?

    also found 1090T for same price (3,2 GHz 6 cores.. same frequency as mine just 4 more cores) and ye its kind of budget pc since i use it maybe 20-30 days a year, but its not bad so I dont want to get rid of it yet
  2. Phenom II upgrade to x6?

    so basically in my case I might see some improvement if win 7 assigns browser and twitch to other cores than games are assigned to (I remember that some version of windows had problems with more than two cores but it think it was XP?)
  3. Phenom II upgrade to x6?

    Yup, I mean I have notebook with GTX1060 and i7 - totally another league to play on. This PC is just my first that I build and every year I made a slight upgrade to it so it's still not that bad - I went from 4Gb to 8GB ram, bought SSD and now additional cores seemed like sensible upgrade, but probably would not be worth it .
  4. Phenom II upgrade to x6?

    I already tried that (had to update bios). 4th core wasn't booting at all and 3rd core was unstable, so I was unlucky with mine. Also would be good to mention that I am running win 7 there. I was wondering more if it would help with watching streams etc while playing since I am not sure if both monitors require GPU or its just games. Usually I have like messenger, youtube/twitch opened while playing and maybe for that X6 would help.
  5. Hello, I have my older PC at my parents house (I usually visit them for weekend once or twice per month). PC specs are following: CPU: AMD Phenom II 550 X2 HDZ550WFGIBOX Black Edition RAM: 4x Kingston DDR2 2GB 1066MHz Mother Board: Gigabyte MA770-UD3 rev2.0 GPU: Saphire Radeon HD 4890 1GB DDR5 I am using usually two monitors and I noticed that both CPU cores are at 100% very often. I found used AMD Phenom II X6 1055T for 30€ and was wondering if it would help and also if the lower clock speed of cores would have bad impact on games (it is still capable to run games at medium/high settings wothout shadows and AA).
  6. Hello, my brother totally screwed his laptop Asus K55V - when it got into my hands after turning it on, it just said wrong password and froze. I took out the HDD and formatted it. Now when I try to install fresh Windows 10 copy it loads from USB and there is first window where you choose country, keyboard language and time zone. Then it starts preparing for installation and just resets. Windows 7 has similar story but it restarts even before country selection. It just loads some files from DVD during black screen then the green-blue screen with preparing for installation and reset. Windows 7 keeps doing this until hard switch off. I tried changing HDD and RAM but without success. I also had to do change couple of things in BIOS just to make it start booting from external device. It has UEFI so I had to turn off secure boot and CSM mode on. I also switched off fast boot. After these three steps I was able to switch boot order. Also the laptop was originally installed with Windows 8 but I do not own any copy of it. After formatting just C partition windows tried to restore itself but it failed. I have already cleared all partitions on the original HDD so now it is clean. I have no idea if there is any way to make it run. Maybe some BIOS update might help? I am open to all suggestions.
  7. USB-C to HDMI

    well, the problem is it doesnt
  8. USB-C to HDMI

    USB 3.1 Type-C to 4k HD HDMI USB 3.0 HUB USB-C Charging Port Adapter for Macbook this is the name also in "specification" there is written it should support also win 10 and then "macbook only" :D
  9. USB-C to HDMI

    Hello, I just got http://www.ebay.com/itm/282311405516?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT and noticed that there is warning it is for macbook only. I guess there is not much difference in HW of this thingie, so my question is, is my laptops https://www.msi.com/Laptop/GE62VR-6RF-Apache-Pro.html#hero-overview type c port able to tranfer video signal? I mean it should be able right?
  10. I just simply want my primary monitor for everything except games
  11. because I like to do couple of other things usually when playing and most of those use primary monitor... just pressing win button for start makes it open over the running game... I had hoped someone here might know how to do this here except all the bullshit that is all over google like "set your monitor to primary" "drag game in windowed and move it" and all that
  12. thats what I called annoying way...
  13. Hi, I got a new gaming laptop and I have hard time moving games to my secondary screen. I would like to game on my 22 inch screen. Problem is that I would like to keep my laptop screen set as primary (for things like logging into it after win+l etc.). Basically I am looking for some way (maybe app or something?) that would make my secondary screen look like primary only for certain apps (games). I have been playing only couple of games on my old laptop where I always managed to find a way to work it around (like WoW that seems to be like only game where you can choose screen on which it runs, Skyrim - there was mod called OneTweak where you could set rendering window in range of pixels, HotS - annoying one, always had to put it in windowed mode then move and then windowed fullscreen again). But now I am planning to play many more different games and hate to spent a day of googling to find a workaround for that particular game... Also that OneTweak doesnt seem to work properly on windows 10
  14. also hi fellow slovak guy shame there cannot be two answers as best answer (well it wouldnt make sence in being "best answer" but would mark yours too) also thanks for all the answers guys
  15. yeah that would be good idea, but I already moved system there and formatted original hdd