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  1. Actually AMD 6-9 years ago were releasing their GPUs faster than NVIDIA's ones and they were significantly better at a lower price. But I wouldn't need to mention this if you would've actually watched the video
  2. You know that's kind of a weak argument and he explains why he posts videos only AMD related at the moment here: And by the way, he also explains in this video why Vega will likely fail, if anyone is interested.
  3. Very true, the first 2 lines are explained in the video aswell.
  4. How do you know he's a fanboy? And fanboy of what exactly?
  5. The bad thing is that we are now stuck with GPU's over 600 dollars. If there will be no competition you can say bye bye to the PC master gaming industry. Ok man, I've just posted this for the people that don't know this not for the people that already know this.
  6. Actually if you pay attention to the video, NVIDIA could easily crush AMD even with Vega. The author says the reason there, sadly I don't remeber at which minute was he saying that
  7. Guys there is more to it. You have to watch the video to understand as my answer isn't exactly complete.
  8. So I've found an interesting video on youtube that explains why AMD is losing against NVIDIA. I can't believe how blind people can be and also so uneducated. The bad has already been done and there's no going back. Even if this is a non LTT video link, I think this video contains very important information that everyone here should know and I consider this video to be also a history lesson. Hopefully I can post a non LTT video link (I'm new) (Please make an exception for me ( ) ( )). Anyways, if you have ever wondered why is AMD losing against NVIDIA here's the video that explains that: Answer (if you don't have time to watch the video): And btw this looks similar as the Apple vs Android phone maker companies (imo).