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  1. paxmanhp

    Pc is power cycling

    Last night I was playing rust and I raved out to discoed and my pc froze, so I turned off the power supply because the reset button on the case wouldn’t turn the pc off. I then tried to turn it back on and it’s now power cycling. Normally I would unplug the power supply, press the power button to drain the capacitors and take out a ram dim and put it back in. This has worked flawlessly in the past but this time it won’t work. It’s also not just turning off and back on, it kinda halfway turns off, then actually turns off restarting the process, something I’ve never seen before. Setup i7-6700 gtx 960 g1 windforce Gigabyte h270m-ds3h motherboard 16 gb Samsung ram Cooler master masterliquid pro 140 128 gb Samsung m.2 ssd 2 tb seagate hdd 1D46AE68-63D6-43D0-BC61-5139A8C9F5E6.MOV