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  1. i did send a twitte to them, i guess i should RMA on there site and see what happens
  2. nice first impression corsair really nice... why would i give them $270 to outfit my InWin 301 fan with there fans is they dont QC them? even on LOW this fan wont STFU. this is a $31 fan to!
  3. as the title says the M.2 port is not working. im using a Kingston A400 240G Internal SSD M.2 2280 SA400M8/240G here - https://www.amazon.com/Kingston-A400-240G-SATA-Internal/dp/B07P22RK1G this M.2 worked fine on my Gigbyte board but now me new ASRock board. i only got the drive to work by using a M.2 to sata drive. is the M.2 port on this board died? i did make a short video going over everything -
  4. can u simplify as much as u can? from what u saying i can use RGB strips on one of the COM ports? if we how should i wire it up?
  5. so i got these fans a day ago and they all work but i went to take apart the fan controller to see if i can rewire for LEDs or see if it had a hiden USB port i can rewire to work with my motherboards rainbow barf controller. in the photo u'll see i have the bored out of its casing and to one of the side there r two free ports called COM 1 and 2 now i was thinking i could set one of those up as RGB strip ports. i though that cuz i looked around and saw the same controller under a diffent stupid name but coolmoon (china come up with better names). the same ports r used as RGB strip controllers. but i think the ones on mine r used to get the firmware onto the controller. i'm making this post in hope someone know what these ports r used for and it they can be wired up to do something else
  6. as this title says my rosewill case's front USB 3.0 ports do not working right at all. since its hard for me to explain i just a 20 min (sadly) with NO ADs! going me showing the cable is plugin in fully has it should and testing both the front USB 3.0 and back motherbored 3.0 ports. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LB4Gjkq3Sw8
  7. my smartphone. on of them is a 64GB that has files on it. i go to delete them and the PC thinks there come. i go to safe remove it and plug it back in and the files r still there. i got other ones that just will not format at all.
  8. i posted this on the sandisk fourm but i though i'll post it here to. why is that mirco SD cards can be corrupted so easly? i have atleast 5 sandisk micro SD card that r corrupted in a way to where they will not format and let files copy over. why is that after all these years with micro SD cards being out they havnt fixed this bug yet? hell i had atleast 3 go into lock mode on me when mirco SD cards dont have a lock switch on them. those 5 cards i have two of them r 65GB and the other three 32GB.
  9. no cuz im using my panasonic HC-V770. everything was working fin into resolve crashed out me. after that any audio from that cam will NOT work on my PC. heres the part that really pisses me off. i tried it on my other desktop witch is a old dell from 2006-2007 and it will work like normal.
  10. heres my thoughts i bet its this 220 guy i highlighted. its a bit lose and moves around just a little bit. thats my thought,
  11. well idk cuz i looks on google and other ppl r having the same crap im having right now. im also guessing u didnt watch any of the videos?
  12. so i got this monitor at good will for $15, but as the title says this monitor has problems. i'll be stealing what other guy said on the HP fourms since its word for word what im having to deal with "I recently purchased a used 22bw monitor. It works great for a few minutes and then goes black. If I remove and reinsert the power input from the power block it comes back on and works ok for another few minutes. Could just keep doing this but that would be a bit lame." mine didnt come with a power brick but i had a few around the house and i got on that work. i thoght at fix it was not geting a power to it give the one i was use was 12V and 2A but now i have one thats 12V 3A (the monitor take 12V at 3.33A) but it still has problems. now since i have a hard time spelling (im 27 and cant spell.......) i ended up shoting a few videos on this monitor in hopes someone knows whats wrong and has a way to fix this. so here 2 videos i made i have about 3 more to upload, i will post them here when i upload them) right now im using this monitor to write this post. so its working right now but its a battle for atleast 1-2 mins of turning this monitor on as it turns itself off over and over again this video was done before the first video i posted. this video is when i first got this.
  13. first want to start off with. it take 18 mins to get this laptop into Developer Mode is this normal? in the video i do mess up what keys i need to press but still. then i have this happen to me "Firmware download checksum fail; download corrupted, cannot flash" since i want to put Window on it i cant. did i do something wrong?