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  1. Thanks guys I might just end up buying an open and a closed and seeing which one I like better.
  2. Dude PWD is the shiz I love you lol. Anyway I would rather have closed headphones I like those the best cuz they block everything out and I can't hear my wife bitching at me LOL. So gimme a list of closed headphones and ill take a look. That being said though I've never actually tried an open pair of headphones so I don't really know.
  3. Title says it all my most recent pair of headphones just broke (G930s) so i'm looking for a new pair. Doesn't really need a mic on it just looking to get a good all around pair of headphones that can be used for both music and gaming.
  4. Is that a serious question? Lol I use it for gaming nothing else really. I watch movies every now an then but mostly just game.
  5. Ok so adding all of this is a bit out of my budget so if I really had to pick a piece which one should I get. I can get the case but ill have to decide between the MB and the cpu
  6. Yeah I'm in the US going to check that stuff out now.
  7. So with the holidays around I'm looking to get some new parts for my rig. Not to sure what stuff is considered an upgrade so I'll just leave my specs and see what you guys have to say. Budget is around 500-600$ CPU: I5 750 @3.8ghz GPU: XFX 7850 2GB (Just bought an R9 290 so this doesn't really count) RAM: 8GB GSKILL Hard Drive: Hitachi 465GB Mother Board: GIGABYTE P55M-UD2 Power Supply: 700W Also If anyone has some suggestions on a good case that would be helpfull cuz the one i currently have is way to small. Thanks in advance for the help.