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  1. I'm doing rendering so I need more cores.
  2. I'm not just gaming so what ryzen cpu is the best bang for my money?
  3. ryzen or intel cpus? and which one should I get for 200-500$?
  4. It has a usb on the back and a dvd drive >_> but what do I know.
  5. lets say I wanted to make my xBox run windows instead of the xBox function how would I go about doing that?
  6. So its sketchy that I don't wana get banned on my games.
  7. what's your CPU? and are u using an AIO water cooling sytem?
  8. I looking around for a free VPN to cloak my IP so that I wont get banned on special games. so please suggest one for my use.
  9. good backless bumper case (made of metal) for iPhone 5, to show off my DE brand.
  10. so I got a free iPhone five that had cydia on it so I got to iPhone settings and try to factory reset it and it appears to work the little bar pops up and then goes a way. I though that was normal so I just let it "factory reset" for 2 days!! and since its factory resting I don't think a "safe mode" will work because I have tried for 2 minutes holding that button. so some one please help me and tell me what I should do.
  11. how to check if my mac has a virus and how to clean it?