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  1. Hi my friends (srry for my bad English) Amy know how repaste the Laptop Omen X 17? Ir a page of how make it! It's a monster have 2 months with the laptop but the CPU hits 88ºc with a coolpad ando 92ºc no coolpad. This playing PUBG the GPU only hits 78ºc full load. Specs. Cpu i7 7820hk GPU GTX 1080 Ram 16gb 2666
  2. Hi my brother need a good online sotr on canada, he need a gaming laptop and I dont know good pages. any suggestion? srry for my bad english
  3. Hi again and srry for my terrible english. Well I found a razer blade very cheap in my country, cheap because the seller says they have a problem with the upgrade of the frimware and now cant use the keyboard and touchpad of the laptop. So its posible repair that? its the Razer Blade RZ09-0195 Ty and have a nice day
  4. Hi again and srry for my english. My brother gets a new gaming laptop the Lenovo legion 720. The laptop have a thunderbolt3 connection. He ask me about the external GPU dock, so I search on Amazon and fpund the AKiTiO Node its an external GPU dock. In YouTube use the AKiTiO Node on Mac notebooks ( that suc...) Its posible use this ítem on the laptop of my brother ? Lose quality or power the external GPU ? Ty my Friends
  5. You my friend are a god Muchas gracias
  6. Srry bad english. Help plx I try yo install Windows 10 ok am old ssd m.2 ( from my old Alienware laptop) but cant delete all the partitions. Each time I try yo delete a partition a msj says Cant delete selected partition [error 0x80070057] So how can delete all the files and install Windows ( dont have anymore the laptop) Again sorry for my terrible english
  7. i7 6700k asus maximus impact viii 16 gb ram cooler corsair h55 PSU evga 500w Gold
  8. so thats the question, im really noob with the overclock so its necesary? or change my MOBO for a non oc mobo
  9. yes a samsung of 500gb from my old alienware laptop
  10. Cant use an m.2 ssd with that card, true?
  11. Hi ty for read and sorry for my terrible english. Any recommendation for a mini.itx motherboard for OC my i7 6700k ?