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  1. Sata power was necessary. I think i got it all working now. Controller module have usb, sata power, and two rgb connections, one from pump, and one from fan. pump is also connected to aio pump header on motherboard fans is also connect to cpu fan header on motherboard Now just to put my pc back togeather again. Thanks for you inputs.
  2. I gave the controller a shot, but PC wouldn't boot, so i guess i did it wrong. It is a mess. Billion wires, and half of it is optional. Is the SATA Power required to make the controller work, or can it draw power from other plugs, like the one saying MB ADD 5V, or MB 12V.
  3. After running mem test all night with only two sticks it completed after 6 hours. I switched to the two other sticks (in the same mobo slots) and the system became instantly unstable. Then I tried running with only one stick, and that worked fine. Switched the other single stick, and problems booting again. I'm ready to conclude that all of this is caused by a faulty mem stick. At least i really hope this is the problem, so i can get this behind me
  4. Thanks for your feedback. I'll look more into after work. I do have two wires from the pump, one is going to the AIO pump header. the other is going to one of these ADD_Gen2 headers. It will not fit over the headers just saying RGB Header, because they are 4 pins, and the pump aRGB plug only have 3.
  5. Hi I'm the process of making my system stable, and bought this new cooler: Cooler Master Masterliquid ml360p silver. I have a Asus crosshair viii hero Motherboard I wanted to avoid using the included Master Cooler controller, and just use ASUS AURA to set the lights. The motherboard have 2 ADD_Gen2 ports, witch I think is for LED Stripes. I've used both ports for this cooler, one for the fans, and one for the pump. But only the fans light up, and seems controllable from AURA software. The pump does not light up. Is it not possible to do it this way ? what are my options ?
  6. Pushed my luck, and set the the two sticks of RAM to D.O.C.P. It booted without a problem, and now running at 3600-16-16-16-36. I'm going to do more testing tomorrow. and i'll try swapping the sticks with the ones i've taken out. Fingers crossed it will crash with those two, so i can RMA.
  7. Uptime of almost 4 hours with only 2 sticks of memory - in other words, no crashes so far with only 2 sticks.
  8. Just installed the new AIO cooler, sad to say it doesn't look like it helped. I just had a similar random crash It did help with my temperatures tho. So I'm pretty sure it not my CPU overheating. I've attached two new miniDumps. I'm back at blaming either Faulty CPU or RAM. Think i'm gonna try removing some RAM Sticks, and or reinstalling windows. Any suggestions ? MiniDumps.zip
  9. I would say things have gotten much more stable after the defaults, but still had a few crashes. I did monitor my temps yesterday and they do go pretty high when i put stress on it, like gaming, it is around 85-90C So i ordered my first AIO cooler. This one was on offer: Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360P Silver I liked the look of it, and it should do way better then the stock fan cooler i'm running with now. Unless you guys know something particular bad with this cooler, I didn't plan on going into a longer discussion on what cooler to choose. I did consider coolers when I made this build, but after some reviews I got the feeling that the stock cooler for 3900x was pretty decent for a non-overclocked build. but of cause not nearly as good as a 3rd party cooler. Today it just crashed again (minidump attached), but for the first time the POST screen said CPU Temps were high - see screenshot So fingers crossed all my problems have been temperatures. One thing is bothering me on this last crash, I wasn't stressing my PC, just you-tubing. And last night i was gaming for quite a while with no crashes, but with high temps. Right now all i'm doing is writing this message, and my Temp is 63C Do you guys think it is my temperatures, or something else ? 011120-13593-01.zip
  10. I've been using windows for an hour without a crash, and booting is going fine too, seems like the defaults made the system more stable. Can't help but feeling a little bad about having RAM rated for something they can't handle, or the CPU can't handle. Also it looks like the "Infinity frabric" is not in sync with mem speed, witch I've read loads about being a bad idea. But hey if this is stable, I'll roll with it for now. Thanks for the help so far.
  11. After changing UEFI to "Optimized Defaults" I've been able to run MemTest for 9½ Hours. But haven't had time to test windows idle for long, or any games. i'll have to do that later today. dram voltage looks like it is set at 1.2V If i read Ryzen Master or CPU-Z correctly, i looks like the timings are 15-15-15-36 running at 1064 Mhz.
  12. Oh man, just realized that it is still only on pass 1 of 4.. I guess I'll leave it overnight, I'm at 92% on the first run. This has taken 57 minutes. And No errors so far.
  13. Running memtest atm, It is taking a while. It failed the first memtest run, this was before going back to defaults. There was an error and the machine froze, so it never completed the first run. It has been running for longer now after the defaults. I have screenshots I'll post when i get my PC back in my hands. I tried different voltages, don't renemmber what it is right now. I'll check after memtest completes Manged to attach the failed run screenshot from mobile.
  14. Hi I build a new AMD PC back in October 2019. I had a little trouble getting the build op and running stable, fiddling mostly with Memory settings in UEFI. But i felt like i did get to run pretty stable. With a few hiccups it has been running really good for about 2 months. But yesterday the PC became very unstable. In windows it either just shuts down or gives a BSOD. After a crash it usually also have problems booting again, powering on and off a few times before starting on safe mode, and i need to press F1 to go change some settings. The crashes can occur at any point in time, at idle, or at load (gaming or rendering), I haven't found any sign of a pattern in the crashes. I have a feeling it my problem is somewhere between the CPU and the Memory. and the frequency and Latency settings. So I'm looking for help to either getting my system stable again, or help figuring out if one or more of my Components should be RMA'ed. PC: Windows 10 Pro for Workstations Asus x570 ROG CROSSHAIR VIII HERO (BIOS version 1001, latest according to EZ Update software) AMD 3900x at stock speed 4x16GB G.Skill TridentZ Neo F4-3600C16Q-64GTZN (God! there is a lot of settings around RAM. This is where i've been trying to debug the most, and atm. i think i'm at 1600 22-22-22-53. ) Zotac RTX 2080Ti Samsung nvme SSD 970 1TB boot drive 4 x Samsung SSD 850 EVO 1TB storage drives Corsair RM850x, 850W I'm not a 100% sure what my Memory setting where for the two stable months, but i'm pretty sure it was running 3600 16-16-16-36. I've attached the 4 minidumps. MiniDumps.zip
  15. Thanks just pushed to button on this.. can't wait to get it