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  1. yes haha, I will be painting the 2 screws tomorrow im sorry
  2. The Fractal Meshify C I have was the white case version, but the case expansion slot covers were originally black, so I decided to paint them to match the case so it would look nicer to me I used rustoleum 2x ultracover - semi gloss paint, and satin clear coat spray. and some 400 grit sandpaper to remove the initial gloss and to scuff up the paint for better adhesion of the paint I think it looks fantastic now. I'm not good with painting but I think it turned out great.
  3. I was not aware of this, I think i got myself worried over nothing again haha
  4. I'm not sure if dremeling out the red marked area's would improve the exhaust for the GPU. but it does raise a concern for Fractal Meshify C and it's exhaust capability.
  5. hmm that is definitely something that would be an issue I'll try that fan placement thank you
  6. I have 2 140MM fans in the front and a single 120MM fan in the rear currently in my build, using a Noctua NH-U12S to cool my ryzen 3700x. and I have the extra fans already in storage from previous builds. but I was pondering if this placement. would work to better cool the case with more airflow.
  7. i don't use the usb ports on the front of my case so would i be safe to remove it, and place the cable you linked into that slot ?
  8. I have a asus strix z270i motherboard and bought it along with a corsair h110i v2. problem being is that my motherboard has no connection for this corsair link cable. any ideas on how to plug this in?
  9. I recently changed motherboard (asus pro gaming z170i to asus strix z270i) and cpu ( i5 6600k to i7 7700k) I went with advice to do a clean install of windows 10 onto my computer with usb stick method. But i did so with the Hard drive sata plugged in. and when i go into BIOS i get weird options now in boot priority Windows boot manager SSD Intel ethernet Intel ethernet but no HDD on the list anymore
  10. I'll give it a try. how do I remove the thermal paste?
  11. My Cryorig A40 came with 3/4 Cpu screw cap's. The very last one had no THREADING. I have contacted cryorig 5 times in the past 3 days on their site to get a replacement, all appear ignored. facebook and twitter too. I can't return because it's out of return peroid, bought on ebay. I really need help or i am out of $100...
  12. It's very noticable during the start up
  13. I bought this monitor on best buy during black friday and I just recieved it today. When I went to test it, during the start up it has two very faint greyish lines. I'm wondering if this is a case of returning the monitor or not....