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  1. Hello and sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately, i can’t shop from Newegg or Amazon. Anyway, thanks for your help.
  2. https://macrotronics.net/index.php/electronics/ups-and-inverters-c-211_93 This store is an another option but don’t think he has a larger stock/inventory.
  3. Thank you for your recommendation! Much appreciated.
  4. Is that included in the specs of the product ? Sorry but i am not an expert in these stuff.
  5. I see. Thank you for your help.
  6. Exactly what i want. Also, we have a generator that takes around 1 minute to be powered on, so i just want a UPS that would last enough until the generator is turned on. I might not be needing to turn off the PC.
  7. Unfortunately, both are out of stock.
  8. I see. I only need a ups that lasts for a max of 7-10 minutes. Any recommendations from the website mentioned above ?
  9. They have been out of stock for a long time. Don’t think they will be available anytime soon. Are all of the others bad ?
  10. I7-6700 msi gtx 1070 32gb ram 1TB HDD 240GB SSD 120GB SSD 730W PSU 144HZ monitor Motherboard: Asrock Z170 extreme4 Do you need the peripherals also? Thank you btw.
  11. Hello guys, i am searching for a good UPS and i am worried if a UPS would damage the PC’s components so i want to make sure that it would be fine. I need the UPS mainly because we have some electricity outage from time to time in our country. Can you please suggest a good UPS from this website ? https://pcandparts.com/ups/ Would be better to stay within the 100$ budget. My PSU is 730W. Thank you in advance.
  12. Pkai

    Water Spilled

    I will take the keycaps off and clean it with a towel and then leave it in a warm place. Would this be enough? It’s kinda hard to remove disassemble the whole keyboard.
  13. Pkai

    Water Spilled

    Hello guys, it was raining and i found that the water was leaking from the window, hence, my keyboard’s surface was full of water. Everything was powered off though. What should i do in this case ? For sure i am not going to turn the PC for now but is there any specific thing i should do ? Thank you in advance.
  14. Please quote the people you reply to in order for them to be notified that you replied.