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  1. Want a gaming streaming PC for CSGO around 800$...!!
  2. I want budget streaming PC which I can stream CSGO on twitch around 800$. I want to know only best parts that will I need from processor to case.
  3. my budget is till 750$ but i dont need monitor mouse keyboard only need headsets with good mic....!!
  4. guys i wanna stream CSGO and overwatch on twitch my budget is till 750 dollars,,plz help..!!
  5. thank you so much for helping bro i wanted this only...!!
  6. i dont need monitor keyboard and mouse i have two monitor...!! but need a mic
  7. oky so can i have your email plzz so i can ask u over there,,,!! if u dont mind...!!
  8. oky than can u tell the parts or send me parts list for budget gaming and streaming pc..plz its a request..!
  9. i want to build budget gaming and streaming pc,,,,!! i thought that water cooling will be cool so thats i why i asked you guys..! ,
  10. simple that i want to build budget gaming and streaming pc that has water cooling in it should be till 800 dollars if you guys can then tell the all the parts and components plzz...!!
  11. Guys i want budget streaming motherboard which is compatible for water cooling please guys help me in this......!! i want to build a new gaming and streaming pc if you can guys then put all the parts required for gaming and streaming pc but with budget water cooler...!! plz guys help me...!!
  12. so mostly i do not need capture card so how can i record my stream.....????