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  1. NCIX declares "Supreme Bankruptcy"

    They still did videos, but it was limited. As for the stores, they've also been struggling. The direction they went in, businesswise, for the stores just has too much competition. And they aren't as huge even online in sales. They are only doing a reorganization bankruptcy, currently. So they are still going to survive....for now. However, if they can't get their act together, they'll be revisiting bankruptcy for a sell off in the next 2 or 3 years.
  2. NCIX declares "Supreme Bankruptcy"

    They've been slowing down on uploads for a while, now.
  3. If you haven't yet, try blowing out the dust from the heatsink. It may still shut down, but if the time lengthens, you may need to reseat the heatsink with new thermal paste. Could be something else, but this is an easy check.
  4. NCIX declares "Supreme Bankruptcy"

    Looks like they just closed the brick and mortar while they restructure. They'll stay open online for business.
  5. Not really understanding your question. Does your mainboard support 2 RAM formats? If te mainboard supports DDR3 with your CPU, you're good. It won't "hurt" it. But it sounds like you're wondering if you should stick with your current setup and choose a different one with different hardware.
  6. Weird HDD sound

    Sounds like the actuator is doing some major moving, but still shouldn't make that much noise in repetitive fashion. You could do various checks, but I'd recommend calling for an RMA to return it.
  7. HTPC gaming setup advice

    Your TV also says 4k 120Hz, but at what levels? I've seen some 4k that only do 120Hz for 3D or with a special cable setup. Like using specific ports.
  8. ADSL Modem DIY?

    The overall cost to get the components and make it yourself is way more expensive than getting one from your ISP or buying one online. The amount of power used by the computer is also tremendously larger than prebuilt ADSL modems. Cable modems even fall under this category. You'd have to wire circuitry to a computer serial port, and some of the parts are very sensitive to external signal interference. Years ago, I remember seeing a PCI card, ADSL modem for sale at Fry's electronics. I don't think I've ever seen one of those installed in a computer, and haven't seen them for at least 10 or more years.
  9. HTPC gaming setup advice

    Which specific games are having the issue? It may help identify where the problem or resolution is.
  10. Is this a scam

    Depends on how much you read. If you read more than 6 books a month, it's not that bad. I don't consistently read that many a month. Some months I might not read any, and others around 10.
  11. Good, durable earphones.

    I got my first set of AIAIAI just over a year ago, and they are really great. If you need to replace a part, you only need to go back and order the 1 part you want to replace. Plus you can start out with a cheaper prebuilt pair from amazon, and slowly upgrade as your budget allows. I've kept my original parts from the prebuilt, and I still use them -especially if I go to a LAN party or travel on a plane, and keep the good parts at home, safe.
  12. Speedtest.et Vs Download Speed

    As many stated already, there is a speed to data conversion. That's pretty easy to translate. The tricky part is where you are getting your speed reference from. Speedtest.net gives you a reference of speed to a nearby server, usually your local ISP hub or other close local switching point. That's a base for your speeds. However, the location you're getting your data might not have such speed capabilities, or is intentionally throttled to prevent a single user from utilizing all bandwidth, speed differences in hops in the connection, and potentially a number of other items surrounding how the connection is made. Regardless, if you are getting your speeds to the ISP, the problem is probably not directly with your system or local network.
  13. New HTPC/NAS Build

    Agreed. Many servers are QUITE noisy. Usually due to the massive active fan cooling. Many can be turned to liquid cooling for cheap, and with much quieter fans on a radiator. Regardless, you should be able to find great parts for low low prices at Server Monkey.
  14. New HTPC/NAS Build

    Sounds like you're set on your case, but you can also pickup cheap Xeons and Registered memory (if you need it) from ServerMonkey.com I've used them for years, but I tend to just buy used Servers from them, with CPUs and registered RAM. Then I purchase the SSDs, video cards, and sometimes cooling systems elsewhere and turn a couple year old system into a monster storage or gaming system.
  15. Windows after fresh install keeps failing

    It's very possible. Remove the drive you want to use. Make sure you also have no SD cards, USB drives, or other flash media installed. check the BIOS and remove any UEFI devices, in your boot list, that appear. Use another computer to format the drive to a single partition. Install the formatted drive back into the original machine. Plug in your OS install media and boot to the UEFI listing of boot media. Install as usual. You should be clear to go.