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  1. As stated previously, Recuva works and there is a free version. Works well with RAIDs, too.
  2. Because it equates bandwidth to minutes used in analog telecommunications. This is one of the better explaining articles. The thing is nobody seems to have net neutrality handled properly on any side. It's either regulated improperly, or they leave it unregulated improperly. It's horrible for consumers, regardless if the government controls it or the ISPs control it. And neither side can come to appropriate terms, to where the consumer gets shafted in the constant flip-flop. Agreed. And yet it still happens, in some form or another. It's total bulls#!t, and companies get away with it, in loopholes.
  3. Analog phone regulations can stagnate the improvement of bandwidth speeds and cause the the local carriers to coordinate pricing where they'll be able to keep prices higher artificially. One of the problems that came about from breaking up the AT&T monopoly. The breakup stopped the monopoly, but was still unfair for consumers since coordinated pricing still kept costs artificially high. It wasn't until cellular service became more popular that long distance pricing and local phone service dropped dramatically. Odd thing is, local carriers still make a lot of money. Businesses still require the service. There's now major competition in telephone communication. The hope is to have broadband services do the same thing. But if you like paying $100+ for throttled, low end broadband service there's nothing stopping you from subscribing to the low end service and send triple what your bill is. I'm sure they'll take your money.
  4. Actually, you want Net Neutrality, but not in the terms that were originally created. You DO want to end the original Net Neutrality agreement, BUT you want it to where it is NOT tied to the same program that controls analog phone systems and regulates the ISPs. The main issue is with the FCC's plan where they want to bring it back to a premium charge if you want certain data types to be funneled through faster. That's utter BS. There should NOT be a restriction on data types. ALL media should flow through and ISPs should work on fixing their infrastructure. Right now we have government micromanaging the ISPs. These Service Providers are then cutting back their expansion of their infrastructure, and charging major premiums for bandwidth speeds overall vs charging a "fast lane" premium to individuals who tend to use more of a specific type of data type. There are revisions of what the Net Neutrality rules should be, but nobody seems to be looking at those and the FCC seems to be on a major high to pass laws that screw the end user regardless. What needs to happen is: -enforcement to prevent blocking of data types -end "captivated audience" or "localized monopolies" to allow more communication services in areas. -short term, limited subsidy to encourage infrastructure expansion -re-institute internet privacy rules -bitch slap the FCC for being dumbasses
  5. Again, try out https://aiaiai.dk/ as you can configure a headset without a mic. Have all the functions you want. AND if you decide you want a mic in the future, you can order that specific mod and add it to the chosen headset you already have. Price isn't much different from what you're looking at.
  6. depends on the setup. I move my head around a lot, so having a separate mic can be tough. I prefer having a boom mic with my headset. I just ordered my first Set of AIAIAI, and am awaiting them in the mail, but the set my friend has is really amazing. They better be, because they aren't cheap.
  7. Get a case without a window
  8. check the physical connector on the mainboard and make sure you don't have any crossed pins. If the board is recognizing the adapter, trash the driver and re-install. Grab another cable and see if it presents the same problem.
  9. MegaMan series Double Dragon Contra P.O.W.
  10. Is there any reason you can't use a Yagi indoor antenna? Easy and cheap to build, or even find on ebay. Massive signal gain because of how directional it is.
  11. I'm currently going through an issue similar to this with HTC. In fact, I've received 2x NEW replacements since I purchased the original new phone Jan. this year. I don't want to send my phone in for repair, as it will take a minimum of 2 weeks and most people says if they don't regularly call in about the status, that it falls more in the timeframe of 4-6 weeks. That's sheer BU!!$#!T, and completely unacceptable. The new products obviously all share the same defect. The refurbished product would offer the same item, but with what would hopefully be a fixed defect in the product. Currently, I'm asking for a different product altogether, because while the HTC Bolt is actually a really nice phone.....the screen either goes black, flickers, or loses half the screen view to where it is a useless device. The original, and the 2x NEW replacements all exhibited this behavior. If Sprint offers this phone.....kindly pass and tell them to F*** Off!!
  12. As stated above, you really don't want to have your storage server in between your network and the cloud. Nor do you want it to handle the DHCP functions. If you have to take your server down for any reason, even for a hardware upgrade, you kill your whole network.
  13. Correct. It's compounded heavily in how it affects all consumers. It's not just the monetary cost involved.
  14. Unfortunately, numbers of higher pay are greatly exaggerated. You have to look at the cost of living and average that out with how much takehome vs. payout. You can't say you get paid more when your cost of products is also more. $10 earnings with $1 milk is the exact same as $20 earnings with $2 milk. $1000 earnings with $400 apartment is the same as $2000 earnings with $800 apartment. If they are the same job and the same paid for product, the increase means nothing. The term is called 'inflation'. It's the same as people saying they don't get paid enough. You're earning $10 an hour at a milk production plant, and want $20. Once the increase is in place, the company MUST make adjustment and increase price of product from $1 to $2. the percentage of what your income vs payout for the product has not changed. Which means increasing your wages was nothing more than placebo. When tying this to the refurbished products, ANY laws that change how a company can release their products to which it causes an increase in their production cost, that company will increase the cost of their product to compensate. If they cannot reduce their costs by finding a way to reuse most of their waste product through remanufacture or refurbishing, the increase will be disbursed through the overall cost of their products. Which means, 1 person who won't accept refurbished product forces the increase cost of a new product to ALL consumers of that product.
  15. My main server is a T5500 with dual hex xeons. It beats the snot out of a lot of other systems. I tried doing some gaming, with full settings, on it and it held up amazingly. My biggest issue was the video card which I had to get a riser for, because it couldn't fit in the case. However, if you're looking for a place that has older parts and systems for servers on the cheap, servermonkey.com is where I get most of my stuff. I got my T5500 for <$500 with (including shipping): 2x X5670 XEON 32GB registered DDR3 12800 And they ship to the UK, too.