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  1. Guys my radiator fans were always running on 20% because I like them to be silent and nothing higher was ever needed, slightly overclocked 6600k on full load never went over 50 Celsius,idle temps around 20C sometimes even less. So I decided to remove all fans from the pc even the radiator fans to see what happens, after reading some comments apparently it affects cooling only on big loads but since I'm never near that threshold only when benchmarking I'm gonna give it a try. I would be very thankful if someone could stop me if I'm doing something dangerous that could damage the radiator. Many thanks guys.
  2. Hello everyone,i was thinking about removing 2 fans from my kraken x61 because i changed them 3 times already because of noise they make,they wear out very quickly. I just want to know could i go fanless? I have a 6600k overclocked to 4ghz.