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  • Birthday 1866-01-01

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    Not Telling
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    some where in the local shoe box
  • Interests
    PC gaming and pc making
  • Biography
    i like trains
  • Occupation
    eating doritos


  • CPU
    intel core i3 6100 skylake
  • Motherboard
    ASrock - Super Alloy - H110M-DVS R2.0
  • RAM
    8gb ddr4 2133
  • GPU
    msi geforce gtx 750ti twin frozr
  • Case
    black and some white idk its name its standart basicly
  • Storage
    1tb of those baracuda dudes
  • PSU
    some 200w thing probably older than the earth
  • Display(s)
    Ag neovo - single 1080p
  • Cooling
    standart i3 cpu cooler
  • Keyboard
    Logitec thing idk looks alien
  • Mouse
    Logitec to :(
  • Operating System
    windows 10

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  1. i just want to say how lucky i am my mother board supports my ram
  2. any cheaper coolers? I'd be fine with buying the Dark Rock 4 but now that i have to buy another motherboard and a cooler is putting me over budget a bit. I was looking at the Cooler master 212 Evo or the 212X or should i get a cheaper motherboard and get a better cooler? @Princess Cadence
  3. I did hear something about upgrading/ updating my motherboard bios but I dont really trust downloading things that make something better if they arent supposed to do what the upgrade gives them if that makes sense , like overclocking i like the idea and i would like to try it but i dont want my computer to 9/11 my ass while im playing minecraft on max graphics
  4. ok thank you , for notifying me about the motherboard.
  5. Hello! I just got a new Cpu the intel i7 8700k and now i have to get a cooler because i don't think my i3 6300 stock cooler will work well with it . So what cpu would you recommend? nothing to expensive . And another thing when i install my new cpu will i have to get any drivers? The motherboard is an Asus z270-A. thank you
  6. Where’s the difference ( except price )??
  7. Hello I installed a new motherboard And I was greeted by a screen it had my pc info like ram and motherboard but it also contained an error cpu fan speed error detected . I went into bios and checked if my fan was working and it was then I changed the fan speed to all the con gigs available. Nothing worked thought that it was the cpu fan cable and it wast it it was snug in its port and if the fan worked I assumed that I put it in the correct port . I need help
  8. No I was thinking if I replace the motherboard if windows will stay on it or not
  9. Hello , I just got a new mother board and power supply. And I’m getting a bit worried about Windows and my storage. Because I’m upgrading my pc I was wondering if I change the mother board will I have to buy a new copy of Windows for it and remove everything from my hdd? Because I don’t have money for neither of them
  10. Hello I’m buying a new power supply but it’s from the uk and I’m from eu and I don’t really trust adapters I was wondering if I can use my old power supply power cable to power my new power supply
  11. Hello , I was looking to buy a new atx gaming mother board under or around 150£ . And I was wondering if there’s any good mother board you guys can suggest and if there’s anything else important in a motherboard then it’s size , ddr , intel/amd comparability, and so on . And I was wondering for ram , if I can stack 2 different rams at onec for example if I have a 8 and a 4gb stick do I get 12gb’s? Or is it only 8? And are rams from different producers compatible?
  12. Hello,I’ve been haveing issues with my internet. I’ve been having the yellow triangle next to my internet icon I checked for issues and it said Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP address. First I wanted to check with my internet opperator if they can solve the problem ( WiFi and other Ethernet cables were working) with him I checked if the router / modem if there’s a problem with it and there wasn’t . The ports were fine and the cables were working so we turned on my pc . I unplugged and plugged the internet cable and it didn’t work and I tried turning off and on the pc again plugging it out of its power and replugging it , nothing worked . So I went searching for a different solution . I tired the cmd all the commands like netsh , ipconfig ... I also tried the option of changing my ip and it didn’t work . So I kinda gave up and thought if you guys have a solution to this problem ( writing on my phone if anyone is wondering) forgot to say this : there was a lightning storm a mont or 2 ago and it coincidentally struck my pc went through the Ethernet cable port through my cable and into the modem / router . And we fixed everything and my pc was doing great , except sometimes playing games like league of legends I experienced a lot of internet freezes . The internet on my pc turned off for w second and came back again . So after thinking that the cables was the problem I unplugged it and saw that it was completely scorched and black . So I think that this might be the problem . Will switching out my mother board be a good solution?
  13. hello my mouse pad was getting dirty and sticky now , i have a razer golaithus speed and can i wash it in the washing machine or do i clean it with a wet cloth?