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    everything technological
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    I sell PC's and i'm cleaner


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    Ryzen 2700x 4,20GHz @ 1,35v
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    MSI B450-a Pro
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    16GB 3200MHz ADATA XPG RGB
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    MSI GTX 1080 Gaming
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    Fractal Design Focus G Blue
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    1x 256GB Samsung PM961 NVME, 1x Western Digital 3TB HDD
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    Corsair VS650
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    1x AOC 144HZ 1080P,
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    Everything stock + 1 Blue Led 120mm + 1 white Led 120mm (3x 120mm + wraith prism + PSU and Videocard coolers)
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    Kaliber QWERTY red, yellow and green led keyboard
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    Razer deathadder Chroma @ 1000HZ and 400DPI
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    200w stereo + 200w subwoofer
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

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  1. Okay, I figured it out. The 3.3v sense wire wasn’t connected in the setup in which I used it in the HP desktop. It would turn on without any load or when it was in a standard atx pc, but the power supply would instantly shut off when it sensed that it couldn’t measure the 3.3v line hence creating the weird behaviour.
  2. The computer is out of warranty. And do you think they will help me with installing a non-hp psu? I suppose that they will only help me if I buy a new one. But it’s worth a shot, I could at least try and ask them for help.
  3. Here is a video to illustrate: And I just now start to think about it; doesn’t the mobo need a “power_ok” signal?
  4. The psu has no less but when it was still in the pc the computer would turn on and boot into windows. The psu meanwhile was making a high pitched sound and under load the pc would shut down and reboot. One time when someone was playing fortnite it blew smoke out of the rear of the computer. I’ve removed it since then but can still turn it on by shorting the green wire to measure the voltages (that all seem stable) and see what wire does what.
  5. I’ve just tried everything in the list that I haven’t tried before with no luck. Still the same thing happens.
  6. Hello, thanks for your reply. Yes I have tried booting without a dedicated gpu and it gives the same result.
  7. Hello, I recently bought a HP Compaq pro 6300, but after a few days the psu stopped working, it was probably due to the heavier quadro m4000 the seller put in that I replaced with a GTX 1060 -125w tdp- (the seller was also selling this pc with a rx 580 -180w tdp-). So I contacted the seller and he just said it wasn’t possible and that is was my problem without giving me a replacement or any other kind of help. So I figured that it would be a good idea to put a atx power supply in it and be certain that it could handle the bigger GPU. I did some research on a couple of forums and watched a couple of videos and I set to work to wire the atx psu so that it was compatible with this “Apple like” HP board that uses 2x 6pin. I ordered a 5-12v adapter and connected all the wires. But when I tried to turn it on the fans of the cpu cooler, case and psu just spin for a split second and it stops, followed by a few seconds of nothing. This repeats infinitely until I turn of the psu. I have tried measuring the voltages of the new psu and comparing them to the old one (it still turns on). And it all seems fine, I can’t put my finger on what the problem is and I hope maybe someone has some experience with this and knows what to do. I also find it very weird that the board gives a 3,6v signal on the pin that’s usually connected to the grey wire. I’ve used this psu and diagram: https://images.app.goo.gl/MqHrLfyZSpqnGQ6p9 https://azerty.nl/product/xilence/925122/performance-c-series-xp700-voeding--intern--200-240-v-wisselstroom-v?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIv9Tu3pHp4QIVB-h3Ch1iGw7zEAQYASABEgKFXfD_BwE (the psu is known good and just works when I put it in a pc or short the green wire) Any kind of help would be apriciated and if you need more info just ask.
  8. Hello everyone, My sister needs a new laptop, I'm really liking my "new" macbook pro from 2012 and my sis also likes it and wants a macbook. They are rather expencive (at least for us) but I see a lot of water-damaged devices on the second hand market and I'm asking myself what's the true chance of recovering a water-damaged device. I heard the man of a employee bought a almost brand new laptop with liquid-damage and recoverd it succesfully. Like it's super easy and 100% guarante to work. I always thought the chances were near zero and i have always rejected them instanly but what do you guys think? Is there a resonable change it will work? I know it depends on the severity and what the owner did after his device got wet. But can I assume it just works again when everything is very dry? My biggest fear is that the internals got shorted and are permanantly damaged, but i seem te be almost the only one that assumes this is the case when I see a water-damaged device. I would like your opinion on this matter. Kind reguards, Tummy00
  9. We have backed it up so that would be an option. I understand your point with the warrenty and fast repairs but I could have like 5 speres of every part just laying around for the price thay are charging . But I also don't think it needs this mutch ram and we acces everything over a network that is limited to 3MB/s, that does not mean however that trip can't be needing faster data transfer than that. But we also had it running on mutch older hardware and I don't think it needs that fast of IO. I will call Dell directly and ask, thanks for the advice. And if I can let a professional IT guy do it I would rather do that dan be responsible myself. Of course also "proffesional IT guy companies" have competitors and I heard that they are cheaper and as good. My plan is to just get to what we need and see witch one offers the best deal also considering warrenty and replacements.
  10. Thank you all very mutch for the reactions and your opinions. I will look into it and compare, we also need to keep in mind the distance between service points and shipping risk/costs.
  11. We have no budget, it needs to work good and be relieable. Even an older 6-core CPU should be more than sufficient. Currently we are running an E5 2620 and it works good.
  12. Hello guys (or girls), I will start right away: we "need" a new server. We currently have one that serves as a central storage location and it runs a program called trip , Trip is pritty "intensive" and we need it to run on our central server and stream to the other desktops/workstations. This also prevents that 2 people are working on the same project and it keeps track of everything so to just run it on the workspace computers them selves is no option. We have about 15 working spaces with computers that all use the same server where all the important documents and folders get saved. Lately, the server is almost hitting its maximum capacity of 1.2TB (1,09TB usable) (I'm guessing it had 4x 600GB 2,5" 15000rpm HDD's in RAID10 because that's what they want to put in the new system along with some other HDD's when we asked the supplier). So we asked the supplier for a server with more storage capacity, there wehere 2 options: Option 1: They need to fit another rack for the hot-swapale HDD's and need to buy extra HDD's that also run in RAID 10, If I'm not mistaken the storage will be expanded by 2.4TB for a total of 3.6TB with the old HDD's for a price of €2000. Option 2: We buy a completely new system with the following specifications: HPE ProLiant ML350 Gen10 Base server - 4U - Xeon Silver 4110, 16GB ECC DDR4 2666MHz, SAS, Hotswapale 2,5 bay €2.250,00 Another 16GB ECC DDR4 2666MHz dimm for a total capacity of 32GB €270,00 4x 600GB 2,5" hot-swapable 15000rpm RAID 10 HDD's (SAS) 4x€275 = €1.100,00 4x 1,2TB 2,5" hot-swapable 10000rpm RAID 10 HDD's (SAS) 4x€230 = €920,00 Storage for fans for the ProLiant ML350 Gen 10 €95,00 Hot-swapable 80-plus titanium PSU (they didn't say what wattage) €155,00 Soms stupid HP Enterprise 8GB memorycard €55,00 HP ProLiant Intergrated Lights Out (ILO) Advanced pack €55,00 For a whoping total of €4.900 Pre-Tax. The first thing I thought was that they are just really ripping us off, If I want an extra relieable 3TB (Thats even more than we get extra with their BS) I would get 2x 3TB HDD's and run them in RAID1 on just a regulair SATA port with hot-plugging enabled in the bios for the sata ports for a total cost of less than €150. So my idea was to just build a server out of more mainstream parts. That means regular, cheap but relieable SATA HDD's, a desktop grade CPU (because i can't imagine a f**king NAS needing a 8-core Xeon even with trip) and a desktop case where I can swap the HDD's any time with and motherbord that supports RAID and hot-plugging (or maybe a dedicated RAID card). This would be mutch cheaper, but now I have a problem. I was planning on using the Ryzen platform, but it doesn't officially Support ECC memory (the error correcting properties) and this is a important server, it can't just go down. Intel offers the Xeonx linup but that's also a ripoff. The server needs to run 24/7 although we can plan maintainance at nights. Another idea of mine was to swap out the 600GB HDD's for bigger ones so we don't need a rack/new server, but the suplier says it's not possible to copy everthing (And that must be the biggest BS I have ever heard). And still it would be pretty expencive because of the more uncommon type of HDD. So what's your view on this and what would you do? Note that this is a important server and that relieability goes for everything, but i feel like this is just throwing money in the fire. We already have a system that backs up everthing to a different NAS (That also runs in RAID10) every evining. Any help would be apriciated, thank you.
  13. here is a little price breakdown: i7 8700k - €400 Z370 Mobo - €100 16GB DDR4 - €133 256GB SSD - €42,50 Arctic freezer 33 - €33,50 GTX 1080 ti - €600 Sharkoon TG5 RGB - €85 700w PSu - €57 Windows 10 pro - €17 It would make for a total of €1.468, keep in mind that assembly in the Neterlands with windows cost about €140. with that it would cost about €1.608 in a store, and then you have to wait 7 days to get delivery.
  14. the highest bid now is €1.200 but I have 2 other people that are interessted (defenitly more serious than the other bidders) and they still need to think about what they want to spend.