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  1. OH MY FREAKING GOD! I can't believe I've done it! I managed to get them to work at 3200 speed! And you want to know how? By a freaking miracle and fear! Why fear? Because with all the changes I've made in the bios, I got scared and wanted to go set all to default, so maybe something won't mess up after a while. Then I wen't and just switched XMP on once more. Because.. why not? Did a reboot and BAM! There is it! This might sound cheesy, but I'm glad I've watched Linus since NCIX days otherwise I would've have tried asking for help here! Thank you all for trying to help me out and thanks for this community! Much appreciated!
  2. Oh and another question if I may - do I increase soc voltage alongside setting the ram freq to a higher one as well as having to dram voltage increased? Say like 1.4?
  3. Can you tell me what's that and where to find it, please?
  4. well, just tried the following: 2933 - 1.3V 2933 - 1.35V 2933 - 1.4V 3200 - 1.4V Nothing worked. it always boots back to 2400MHZ. XMP 2.0 is on, otherwise it wouldn't let me mess with the things. am I missing something? I'm changing just two values - DRAM frequency and DRAM voltage
  5. Is that even safe? I mean, on the stick itself it says 1.35, but I looked through the bios setting and past 1.3 it goes red and back off. Haven't tried moving it past 1.2 as I said. can anyone else advise if this is safe or not? kinda scarred to mess around with voltages!
  6. Hey, everyone! Just upgraded my PC to a Ryzen platform and I've ran into some troubles - I'm not able to run my ram kit to the advertised speed. First of all, I an't no techy person, but I know my way around basic things. So, to start it all, here's the component list: Ryzen R5 3600 AsRock B450M Pro4 TeamGroup Tforce Delta 3200Mhz kit (8x2 sticks) DDR4 - the bastards that I can't figure out GTX 1060 6GB bequiet 600W PSU At stock and no XMP enabled, my ram stay at 2133MHz speed. With XMP 2.0 enabled from the bios, it doesn't go past 2400MHz. Tried to manually set it to all the available speeds within the 2133-3200 range. Notes: - the kit runs at 1.2V stock, didn't try to mess with it as I don't have the knowledge of what I'm doing - Bios version is latest, P3.60 So, my question is - how do I make this kit to run at the respective advertised speed? or at least 3000MHz Much appreciated!
  7. Well, I won't be able to buy at the counter as I need to have them delivered to me. So checking the box won't be an option. From what I've seen on the internet, this is the best microATX board I can get. What are the other option? Need mATX because I have a CM Q300L case. This kit is 117 dollars - HyperX Predator, DIMM, DDR4, 16GB, 3200MHz, CL16, Kit 2x8GB, 1.35V, RGB lighting, The next cheapest one at 3600MHz is 190$ which is quite a jump. Looks like I'll get a new cooler soon enough, but if the box one can do the job for like a month or less is perfect.
  8. I have these ones. Can they be overclocked? HyperX FURY Black 16GB, DDR4, 2133MHz, CL14, 1.2V, kit 2x8GB
  9. Hey, everyone! I'm planning on upgrading my current PC to a new Ryzen system this winter. However, I do have some questions as I don't seem to be able to find the answers on the internet (or maybe I'm to dumb to follow some charts and whatnot. I can't rule out this option either) What I'm planning to buy are the following: Ryzen 3600 CPU AsRock B450M Pro4 Kingston, HyperX Predator 16GB, 3200MHz, CL16, Kit 2x8GB What I need to find out: 1. Does the motherboard support the 3600 out of the box? I don't want to have all the components just to see that I can't boot the system with it. 2. Is the ram good enough for Ryzen? (I currently have 16GB, but 2133 speed and it looks like I need higher speed for Ryzen. also RGB ) 3. Is the CPU cooler decent? I currently have an old Hyper 212 Plus, but I don't think it will work this AM4 without buying some brackets for it. Notes: - prices are highly inflated in my country so I had to pick something that is decent and doesn't break the bank. - I'm not going to do any overclocking any time soon - I'll be using this system mostly for gaming (I have a Strix 1060 6GB gpu) Much appreciated!
  10. Hello, I'm planning to buy some rgb fans as a Christmas gift for a friend and I was looking at these ones: http://www.deepcool.com/product/dcoolingaccessory/2018-05/12_8349.shtml Looking to get him a pack of 3x120mm and a second one of 2x140mm - and it looks like he will be able to daisy chain them which is really good! He already has a deepcool rgb strips kit - don't know the name, but I know he has a remote for it - so I though that these will fit in nicely. Does anyone own them? Are they good performers? Are they good for a cooler as well? Thanks!
  11. So I should stick with the MSI mortar then? Regarding OCing.. well I gotta try first before throwing out my current kit. My budget is not really relevant since where I'm from PC parts have their prices rather inflated. I'm just looking for a decent well-rounded micro-atx board that won't cause me any headaches. Unfortunately X470 doesn't come in a micro-atx form factor or at least I haven't seen any?
  12. If you think that 57 degrees are too much get a better cooler. ASRock B450M Pro 4 ITX will be a good choice if you are not going to overclock. And as an owner of an Asrock motherboard, I recommend them. Apparently I have no clue how to quote/reply to someone
  13. So there are no other mATX boards worth mentioning?
  14. Unfortunately, that ROG Strix mini-ATX board is way out of my budget. At least here, the mobo cost almost the same amount as the processor itself. Don't know if that's justifiable. About the mobo Taf the Ghost recommended - asrock b450m hdv - looks like the cheapest option. Shouldn't I get a board with at least some vram heatsinks on it? Aren't any other better options here? Regarding ram overclocking, I'll have to do some reading on how to do it exactly - never done it before. Glad to hear that the included stock cooler is fine at least for the time being!