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  1. It's a prebuilt PC, but I picked the parts and they (Azerty) built it for me.
  2. Hey, I just got a new pc here are my specs: i7 6700(no k) GTX 1060 3gb (Gigabyte) 8gb DDR4 2133Mhz (Crucial) 1TB HDD I've been playing Battlefield 1 (Ultra 1080p 40~70 FPS) , Squad (14 FPS) and Company of Heroes 2 (~14FPS) and got low fps. I ran 2 tests a Valley Benchmark test and got a score of 1099 which is weird because I saw people getting a 2600 score. Is this normal? And now I ran 3DMark and my top score was 6572, the graphics score was 11409, Physic score was 9531 and the combined score was 1415 6FPS, kinda weird isn't it? Help me! Is this okay? Do I need to return my pc?