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  1. Hey kinda new to cpu overclocking I’m currently using turbo and running at 4.7ghz on all cores using default settings, kind of want to push it a lil more but not sure what settings to try need suggestions for voltage and multiplier thanks specs i7 8700k rtx 2080 corsair h100i v2
  2. yeah man just disabled it and shit is running a lot nicer games are not crashing anymore ill let you know if it does though thanks alot!
  3. thanks dude will try it now yeah ive noticed ive been having a lot of glitches with this beta update hence why its beta lol
  4. hey guys today for some reason when im playing steamvr and playing bullets and more my pc keeps crashing to a black screen with beeping sounds and i have to restart it to get it working again it runs fine on games like fortnite and non vr titles (did happen on bennett foddy though) any ideas would be appreciated! PC Specs CPU: i7 8700k GPU gtx 1070 msi RAM: 16gb ballistix sport PSU: EVGA g2 600w Cooler: h100i v2 Drives: 960evo, 850evo, 2tb seagate
  5. Hey I can’t seem to boot both drives at the same time without my old ssd windows disabling my new m.2 ssd even though the boot orders are changed anyone have any ideas I can boot it fine when taking the data cable out the old ssd
  6. some lg 48 or 49 inch got it from argos on black friday deals
  7. money comes and goes but yeah i see what your saying thanks for the reply
  8. hey guys i upgraded my cpu recently to latest i7 8700k and got some new bits coming h100i v2 and 960evo (been in that mood to upgrade my pc ;P) was wondering if an upgrade to 1070sli (already have a 1070) or buy the 1080ti and sell my old card on what you guys think i have a 4k tv i want to play games on and i play a lot of virtual reality
  9. Hey guys new to overclocking cpus only ever done gpus been watching some videos shall I wait till I get a h100i v2? Worried about temps
  10. Okay thanks for all the advice guys!
  11. sweet dude and my 2400mhz ddr4 ram will work fine? until i get some higher speed ram
  12. hey guys im upgrading from i7 6700 to i7 8700k, just ordered the cpu from overclockers and i got my new z370 motherboard the other day so excited but did i make the right decision? I play alot of vr and thinking of doing some recording/editing also ive paired it with my gtx 1070
  13. Hey upgrading my i7 6700 to latest i7 8700k and new z370 Just wondering if I can use 2400mhz ram I have already to save me abit more cash till next month then I can get 3200mhz
  14. hey sorry if already been posted! just need some advice on if i shall upgrade my pc current rig: i7 6700 msi gtx 1070 msi h170 m3 ballistix sport ddr4 2400mhz should i upgrade to the 8700k and get a new sexy mobo? all i do is game i have money to drop just looking for a upgrade to last me next like 3 years