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  1. I do so and then it is placed on a separate black page and not pasted on top of the green page.
  2. How can i paste this excel sheet on top of this document? Any help is greatly appreaciated! excel pdf data.xlsx Check.docx
  3. Hey so i just finished editing the excel sheet and am now trying to put it on the pdf. Could you please help asap! Check.docx excel pdf data.xlsx
  4. Yes I have access to excel. This looks like good, I'll mess with it shortly and lyk how it goes. Thanks for your help!
  5. What program would you use to do so. I'm not able to adjust the flier when it opens in adobe automatically I can only view it.
  6. Yes I want tto adjust the pdf so I can add more information in the same page. What program should I use that will allow me to adjust the flier and how would I do so.
  7. Hey guys, so I just got accepted for a computer science work study job yesterday. Was already given an assignment thats due this afternoon. How would I go about adjusting this pdf file. It is an event flier that has information like event workshop names and room numbers. I need to adjust it so that I can add more info, adjust some of it, or just add some space? I'll attach the pdf below. Any help is appreciated! Schedule2pdf.pdf
  8. Friends not going to play pubg that much. Mainly csgo and fortnite. Is their a big difference in performance in csgo with intel cpu compared to amd?
  9. Helping a friend with a parts list. Going to help him build his first pc. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/fKjK4q Budget $900-$1000. Games like Battlefront 2, and pubg, and csgo are going to be played on the pc. Black and Red Theme if possible $USD Budget around $250 for monitor and keyboard. (already has steel series mouse) Any suggestions or changes?
  10. Hey guys I'm putting together a build for a friend, its his first pc. I built my computer about 3 yrs ago, so I need some help from you guys again. The budget is $900-$1000. He is located in the USA. He's only going to be using it for csgo and pubg. The pc is only going to be used with one monitor. Peripherals are already purchased, including windows too. Here's what I got so far: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/MQw8D8 Feel free to change up the parts list or recommend one.
  11. So I built my PC about a year or 2 ago and I just recently filled up my SSD. I want to clean up the SSD and only keep on it my OS, and games/programs that I use daily. So I want to copy everything on my SDD to my HDD with the exception of the OS. How would I go about doing this?
  12. So I'm putting together a pc for a friend. His budget is $1200. We are in the usa. He is only going to be playing games in 1080p. Any advice on this parts list i put together? http://pcpartpicker.com/user/TRambo/saved/#view=HPL23C