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  1. wired ethernet, and im using VMware on windows 10, i have tried already trying to add manually the directions, doesnt work
  2. i have this project for class in wich i must install android for phones v4.0 download whatsapp, and make it communicate with something, the problem is that after i have installed it, it doesnt seem to recognize the connection from the host machine, i have changed to NAT and bridged connection, but it doesnt seem to find the connection, in the logs i can see that it recognizes the motherboard connector, but nothing about my network, and im quite stuck, i would really appreciate the help.
  3. i essencially need to show their overall performance, as long as its relatively close to the real thing thats enough
  4. i essencially need some benchmarks from different processors from AMD, overall performance, stock clockspeed, the amount of ram and speed they support... i would need the APU Serie A10, Fx, Athlon, Sempron, Opteron 4000 and the 6000
  5. im doing a work for college and i need some info about the AMD processors, both the mainstream edition and the server/workstation level processors, and some benchmarks of them, or at least a good site where i can see that info, thanks in advance.