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  1. holy shit thats epic thanks for all your awsome work
  2. yeah i would love the 502 to be a lot cheaper.and i want macros and loads of em but yeah.
  3. haha thats funny i was looking at that exact mouse earlier
  4. so i recently bought and built my pc but the ram is still missing. well anyways i wanted to know if the MSI Z170-A PRO motherboard supports XMP coz i didnt find anything online. also if there are any other drawbacks other than the non existing support for SLI?
  5. so i dont have a budget but i want to spend the least possible while still getting good performance. so i found the Redragon k550 and the redragon m901 links Here and Here. what im looing for is an awsome look (i like the white look but as long as it looks good prefeably with led's) macros, (because i do 3d animation and it makes life a lot easyer) and last of all just good performance. thanks in advance. btw the redragon ones ar a tad to expencive because i live in australia so if you do have a suggestion then make sure you are able to get it at a ok price even out here.
  6. and how about thishttp://pacstarcomputer.com.au/desktop-memory/219-gskill-ddr4-2400-16gb-dual-channel-nt-f4-2400c15d-16gnt-.html?
  7. ok so i ordered all of my pc parts and australia post happened to completely F*** up and so the parcel is gone and nobody knows what happened to it or is even happy to help. so im gonna get a refund from amazon bt i now need ram. originally i bought 16gb DDR4 2400mhz dual 8gb ram for my z170 mobo with a 6700k. so i live in australia and dont want to go above 140$ with shipping. (i would prefer to pick it up but only if the shop is located in the cbd or around north altona) i have the link to the original ram in my specs list.
  8. well funnily enough i happened to find a z170 before i was gonna get a h110 but i found the msi z170-a pro for like 150$ and was like hell yeah so we bought that. it ended up beeing perfect
  9. well the fact that i got a z170 motherbooard has more to do with coincedencev rather than planning
  10. What is xmp I think i saw it in a video is that the setting that automatically adjust the speed to the lowest ram speed?
  11. I usually just browse YouTube watching any pc build or build guide that I find and you start learning so many things that you start getting annoyed at people that don't mention basic things. For example somebody had a pc build guide and only had a 4 pin CPU connector and failed to mention that that isn't the modern standard and acted as if it were the norm.
  12. So this topic is applies both to ram and CPU so I just choose to post it on the CPU subforum. Anyways I have nearly completed my first ever build and I used a z170 mobo and a i7 6700k CPU I also bought a set of 2x8gb sticks of ddr4 ram with a 2400Mhz clock speed but I thought somewhere I heard that there is special ram just for the skylake processors so I'm not sure if i misheard or made a mistake buying the ram i did.