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  1. Hi all, Id like your help in deciding what monitor i should get for my gaming PC. First things first i only want one monitor not a triple or double or more monitor setup only one. I need help between deciding resolutions, whether to go with a 1080p monitor a 1440p monitor or a 4k monitor, i dont want to spend heaps on it but i want a good quality one which should last a couple of years. Also should i go with an ultrawide monitor or just a 16:9 monitor this is for gaming also so a good response time would be highly appreciated. I do have a good gaming PC with a gtx 1070 and i5-6600k which ive slightly overclocked so performance isnt really an issue i dont think. Im happy with spending about $400 aud maybe more but less would be great. Kind regards Hpremier81
  2. Hi all, I need some motivation to get into PC gaming because i really want to enjoy it more than console gaming. Currently i have no consoles but i do want a gaming PC. This is probably around the third time ive tried getting into PC gaming and i really want to now. There are no restrictions for me i just cant seem to make the jump! Someone please help me! Motivate me! I want to join the PC gaming community. Kind regards Hpremier81
  3. I'm not using it as a proper workstation just some mukking around and experimenting thats why im not going for a i7-6700k.
  4. Hello all, I would like to ask for some help in creating a new PC. I need help with my parts as I'm not sure if they are all compatible so your replies would be appreciated greatly. This build will be mainly used as a gaming PC for all new triple A titles. I will be gaming at 1080p until i get a 1440p or 4k monitor, for now i would like to reach 60fps at ultra in 1080p. Will this build be able to do it? Secondarily i will be using it as a school homework station with some occasional video editing and photoshop use. Your recommendations are welcome and appreciated. These parts are what i think I've decided on so far with cablemod cables... CPU: Intel core i5-6600k GPU: Nvidia gtx 1070 (need help picking a card but I want it to be a 1070) Motherboard: ASUS Z170-AR RAM: 2x8gb or 4x4gb of DDR4 at fastest clock speed (fastest clock speed and whichever works better as in configuration for my CPU choice) PSU: Any recommended 650 watt fully modular Case: NZXT S340 Glossy black Thankyou.