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  1. I agree 10/10. When I say raged @ Dell, what I really mean is I said "Hope you have a nice thanksgiving" then hung up and mumbled some not so sweet nothings under my breath while stomping my foot. I sure told them!!
  2. Someone tell me it'll all be okay plzzzzzz? They're f-ing useless.
  3. That's my thoughts too, just depends on how the budget comes along this month and if there are any good black Friday deals. I'm stuck with 1 monitor at a time because my smh dell smh inspiron smh 7559 smh gaming smh laptop smh only has one hdmi output. no display port. On that note, if I were to go hdmi to a monitor that had a displayport out, then daisy chain to another displayport monitor, would that work? I'm guessing if it did, it would be pretty tough on the gpu. Right?
  4. Hey everyone, So as my monitor search continues, I'm finding my interest in an ultrawide setup to be somewhat limited due to the nature of 1. My current laptop's integrated GTX 960m (inspiron 7559) and 2. My budget. So I'm willing to stretch the budget a tad if I find something that shows immense value in it compared to other 1080p options, but I'm still being split between so many mixed messages regarding the capabilities of the 960m. So, with a definitive answer, can anyone tell me if I can comfortably run a 1440p ultrawide, or regular 16:9 1440p with my 960m for productivity and multimedia uses? If the answer is yes, could it also comfortably run other games like Skyrim or a racing game/flight sim here or there? Would the screen size make a difference, as in a larger screen having more pixels to push? Correct me if my understanding of resolution if incorrect. I have a quick 24" 1080p that gets the job done for FPS gaming, so I'll hold onto that for those uses. TL;DR: 1440 w/GTX 960m: yay or nay Thanks and happy Thursday! Regards, Pea to the Pod
  5. I 10/10 like this idea. This useless/unhelpful reply is simply so I can be notified of any geniuses who come up with a solution. :-)
  6. Why not get a cheapo 24 super fast that's 1080 or 1440 and use it for about a year or so while you wait for the next model? You could probably sell it for about $100 less than you purchased it for because there will always be a market for the 24 or 27s with a high refresh rate. Thoughts?
  7. Hi everyone! Just wanted to say a quick hello and wish everyone a wonderful day and happy November! Seize the moment, we don't get too many of em' Cheers, PeaPod
  8. Hmm, makes sense. I'll give their customer technical support a call. Bedankt!
  9. I GUESS I can make do with the whole having a cable ready for each one and using one at a time. 1st world problem 10/10. Thanks for all of your help and expertise. Much appreciated Runefox.
  10. Unfortunately, it is from a laptop which only has one HDMI output. NEED MO PORTS.
  11. Hi everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your Halloween, if you're into that kinda thing . Quick n00bie question. A monitor I am looking to purchase has a downstream usb 3.0 hub. If I plug my wired mouse and keyboard into those, with the intent of it connecting to the PC (obviously), will there be any lag? Would I be better off just connecting directly to my PC? This is a primary reason for concern is for FPS gaming where all marginal gains are kept in a special place in my heart, next to Emilia Clarke. Cheers! PeaPod
  12. Thanks for the response! So looks like if all is sound, I can just go from the PC's HDMI out, to the HDMI in on the 2913, then a 2913 displayport output, to hdmi input on the 2460? Say I wanted to play CS:GO at the best rates the 2460/my gpu could handle, it wouldn't lag because it has to first go through the first monitor? The limpness came from the visualization of having two different hdmi cables coming from each monitor, and just plugging the one in to the laptop that I am using at that time. I guess I could do the displayport option when needing both, and then just have an hdmi ready for the benq if there was infact lag by passing through the first monitor? That way I would just cut it out entirely for the time being. Thoughts?
  13. Hi everyone! Long time reader, first time post...er. Disclaimer: Please excuse all ignorance below as I am a certifiable noobie when it comes to the technical signal stuff. What I'm using: So... thinking about adding a second monitor to the mix. I currently play around with a BenQ RL2460HT that I use for both PC Gaming, and yes wait for it... console gaming (I know, the horror). I will use the 2nd monitor primarily for work (Sim softwares such as SAS, large excel spreads etc) , productivity, movies, and if supported, a few games here or there. BenQ RL2460HT (relevant) connectivity ports: 2xHDMI in 1xHDMI out (for capture card) 1xD-sub Though I plan on tossing a few G's to build up a custom gaming rig when my living situation is more suitable, In the mean time, I'm currently run the awesomely valued Dell Inspiron 7559 with an i7-6700, 16GB RAM, and GTX 960m 4GB (and Intel HD 530). Inspiron 7559 (relevant) connectivity ports: 1xHDMI 1.4a What I want: I found a superb deal on the Dell u2913WM 2560x1080 ultrawide (obviously right?) monitor, which offers the following connectivity ports: Dell u2913WM (relevant) connectivity ports: 1xHDMI 1.4 1xDP Mini Input 1xDP Output (MST) 1xDP 1.2 1xD-sub So...is there a question you wanted to ask?: Oh right, yeah there is. K... One more set of things I think is important to know before the question. Bear with me. So, I have a couple different scenarios that I would like to use this setup with: 1. PC connected to both monitors to extend display for productivity applications on 2913, and maybe my emails, music or something else that also isn't taxing on resources on the 2460. (OCD buddies get ready for this one) 2.0 PC connected to just 2913 for maybe a more taxing gaming session that supports 21:9, BUT without a cable hanging limply (imagery) from the 2460. 2.1 PC connected to just 2460 for FPS games, BUT without a cable hanging, also limply (imageryx2) from the 2913. Bum budahbummmmmm. The question finally has arrived. TL;DR: Question: How do I do dis? (while allowing for 2560x1080 (21:9) on the 2913, and 1920x1080 (16:9) on the 2460 while taking advantage of the best performance possible of each monitor) A couple solutions I thought of for you to debunk: 1. I have an hdmi cable coming from the PC to the 2913, then a displayport to hdmi cable going to the 2460. (would there be major lag on the BenQ? (ideal solution) 2. I have an hdmi splitter of sorts (I've heard these never work the way people expect them to) that goes from the PC to 2 hdmi cables, one to each monitor. To my best knowledge, this would mirror only correct? Or on some types, it would even only allow one monitor to be connected at a time? 3. I lose my dreamy attitude, and understand that I need to stop being a lil b*tch and just let one hang limply for scenario's 2.0 and 2.1. 4. Drop a big ol' chunk for one of these bad boyz and get errythin' I could ever need? http://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/accessories/apd/452-bbpg?sku=452-BBPG Please make suggestions for less wallet onslaught inducing options. Again: How do I do dis? Cheers and Happy Halloween! Edit: Don't worry about futureproofing. Going to be selling and purchasing an entire new setup in about 18 months.