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  1. I have an i5 7600k cooled by a cooler master hyper 212 led cooler. The cooler does a pretty good job by keeping the CPU at 45 degrees under load. But the problem is it's too small for my case and i need a new one. I have my eyes on a cheap case Chiptronex GX2000 (pretty sure you guys haven't heard of it before). The reviews and everything makes the cabinet a promising purchase. But the problem is the max cooler height is 160 mm, which is exactly the dimensions of my cooler. My question is, will the cooler fit in the aforementioned cabinet? And when the companies talk about the maximum cooler height do they take into consideration the standoff height of the motherboard? Any inputs will be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Thanks!! I will buy another stick of 4 gigs asap and probably an ssd too..
  3. A fresh install of what? The os? Or the cpu gpu drivers?
  4. I watched a video where they compared boot time with increasing ram, and concluded that higher ram causes slower boot times...and yes, i will be purchasing a ssd asap and transferring the os on it
  5. Earlier, i had a gigabyte h81m s mobo with gt 710 and intel pentium g3220 and 8 gigs of ddr3 ram. Although the system was not very powerful, it was very snappy. But recently i upgraded to gigabyte h110m h mobo with i5 7600 k and gtx 1060 and 4 gigs of ddr4 ram. My hdd has remained the same, a 1 TB seagate drive. The system is unbearably slow now, taking forever to boot and also apps launch very slowly. My hard disk usage sits at a 100 % whenever i do anything. I have disabled superfetch, but gained no performance. Please help, i need to experience the power of my system.
  6. So are you sure you are extracting the most out of your GPU? I mean...is it the absolute maximum of its performance? Then the i7 is definitely worth checking out, provided I can get one.
  7. I upgraded my GPU to a Zotac Amp! GTX 1060 6 GB. But i am in a dilemma as to which processor should i go for? I have wanted the i5 4460, but i fear that it might bottleneck the 1060 in cpu intensive games. And i cant afford an i7. By the way, i am asking for suggestion for a 4th gen processor since i haven't upgraded my mobo because it runs just fine. My budget is right around 20,000 INR. So any suggestions are welcome and please help me out!!!
  8. Is there no better gpu for a g3220 than a gt 610??
  9. I currently have an intel pentium g3220 3.0 GHz. The graphics card that I use is a zotac gt 610 2 gb.I am planning to upgrade to a gtx 1050 ti.Is it feasible?...Or will my cpu bottleneck the 1050ti??And if it does what cpu should i upgrade to??That too in an LGA 1150 socket(mobo: Gigabyte H81MS).....Too many questions..I know...But i need a lot of help.........If not a 1050 ti then what options do i have?? Please help...All suggestions are welcome....
  10. What is the difference in the socket types for intel and amd CPUs??Please i need some help....Do I have to get different motherboards for them?? And, is the LGA 1150 socket equivalent to something like FM2+?? All suggestions are welcome.....