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  1. ok well the engineering programs which are easier to get on Windows are more important
  2. Dude... Did you not read the first couple sentences? I want this computer, a Macbook Pro. What I'm asking is which model to get
  3. I unfortunately can't wait very long as my 2012 MBP is on its last legs
  4. So you think I might be ok on the 13 with Iris 550 but bootcamped? has 8gb ram and 6th gen core i5 2.9 ghz
  5. Listen, I already know what you guys are going to say, and I don't really want to hear it. I want this Macbook Pro. My question is about which model to select. This of course will not solely be for gaming, but it will be basically my primary (PC) gaming machine until I can get a Wintel. I will also be using it for school and upcoming engineering classes. I'm assuming I'll have to bootcamp it eventually, but I know nothing about that. Price is of course a consideration, and my goal is to play CS:GO on medium settings 1080p and get at least 150 consistent FPS. Is this even possible on the 15 with the Radeon? If its possible on both would it be worth it to get the 15 or will the 13 work ok? Sorry for that rude intro but I don't want that to be a factor in this discussion. Thank you for any possible answers, advice, opinions.