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  1. Hello my pc wont load into windows if i don't power off psu and turn it on back on and it all happened when i reinstalled windows but before my pc kept freezing and and stuttering fully with no mouse movement a couple of seconds . what can be the probelm of that ? can it that the motherboard is saying its kinda an old pc fx 6200 960GM-S3 FX gtx 660 16gb ram CRUCIAL MX500 corsair vs 650 i think the motherbaord vrm is just super bad amd dying but i dont know
  2. SSD/HDD super slow when under heavy usage I dont know if my mb is the problem or the windwos its not ssd/hdd i tested (2 SSD and 1 HDD) same problem i also change form mb sata to pcie 1x (2 sata adapter) and use it for the sdd and still there is the problem but its not as often i think that atleast the cristal disk benchmark speed is for ssd how the fuck i added a hdd info to see how it should look MY system is ryzen 1700 @3.6ghz 1.22v ram gskill 3200mhz mb is msi bazoka b450m v2
  3. new ram can still be bad, buy one stick used the cheapest used and 100% (see that it works for the seller ) know it works and try that , any maby try changing sata cables and disconnect ssd/hdd it has happened one that didn't boot because of bad sata cable but happens super rarely
  4. ok I thought that but wanted to make sure so dam my temps are super for 28c ambient temp
  5. hello, i want to know at which pace to look ta occt shows the temp that is SYSTIN AMD masters shows package which one is right? OCCT temp was the same as hwmonitor SYSTIN temp i have a Ryzen 7 1700
  6. I reset the setting to the factory settings and used settings I found on the web on big monitor review page and it feels much better. settings are Game Mode= Gamer2 LowBlue Mode= Weak Overdrive= Medium Brightness= 38 (according to preferences and lighting) Refresh rate (Windows setting)= 144Hz i guse just had to reset it and that's it
  7. hello, I want to know if this is normal for 144hz monitor? I put it on 120hz because it felt weird sometimes and now it happens much less but still today i felt super weird and i took some pics. the monitor is AOC G2590FX its connected with dp cable
  8. 1600 for 75 damm take cheap motherbard and use it if you want ryzen 3000 then just sell it. because it's still not announced (ryzen 3000) so it will take sume time
  9. nothing clean boot and straight to steam will test is its the hdd just moved games to ssd
  10. it gives me avg of 140 fps in csgo 1080p all low that is not bad for me at all but it sometimes has massive stutters but it's only like once every 10 min or so so dont it its the cpu that hold me back
  11. i have seen videos for that motherboard posting with 8 gb just wanted to make sure maybe he moved the bios. and summer board what are intel do support amd ram just don't know if this one dose
  12. hello need help with this info can i use 8gb ram if my mb webpage shows max is 4gb and if yes can i use the memory that is shows to only work for amd? and i have intel my specs are x5460 and ASUS P5KPL-AM SE
  13. xp definitely not i need it for new games aswell like bf4, csgo and pubg
  14. Hello need help choosing between windows 10 and windows 7 for older pc (low budget) i made a pc but it only supports 4gb ram and that makes summe of my games stutter a lot on windwos 10 the specs are x5460 ASUS P5KPL-AM SE 4gb ddr2 gpu r9 270 the pc has 1280x1024 75 hz monitor
  15. wow how is the cpu ? i might buy 1 myself or ryzen 1600x is better? but love the price to performance
  16. i read on some threats that 9v coude work but it would bug out alot and shut down
  17. yes bios shows 12.25 so trusting hwmonitor failed me this time just have to test everything to 2 different softwares
  18. but is it safe to use that cpu that dosnt shut down? its just a video/web pc so no big cpu usage
  19. hello i dont know what might be the cause because i changed the psu and the cpu and still it shows that 12v is around 9v and when i used higher usage cpu pc just just down after summe time and rebooted now using e8500 core 2 duo and had xeon x5460 motherbaord is asus P5KPL-AM SE i know fan rpm is wrong but still why is it showing that i just bought a new psu i guess for no reason
  20. hello i wanted to know and need a bit of help i own chinies x58 mb and x5680 and gtx 970.i mostly play cs go but i get massive frame stutters sometimes and that really bad. on fps benchmark i got 240 fps and i want to know if buying new mb and oc it to like 4ghz will give me much better fps and more stable? i want to buy ryzen 5 1600x for cheap but its a bit out of my budget for the time. if anybody has similar gpu i would really appreciate if you can run the fps benchmark and thel me the fps i run 1080p all low settings.
  21. hey i want to know which one did you buy? and why don't you want to buy the aoc one. tnx