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  1. Would be nice to pick Q6600 but unforchantly my motherboard support only dual core cpu
  2. Crysis 3, Dirt rally, metal gear 5
  3. Hello I want to buy a new gpu for my old pc and dont know if you old cpu can run new games at all. My cpu is Intel core duo e6300 1.86GHz and if I add new gpu will I be able to play new games on low settings?
  4. XeqtER


    Cheapest r9 380x 140€ but it gose around 160-180€
  5. XeqtER


    Which video card is the best out of these: R9 270 80-90€ Gtx 770 90-100€ Gtx 750ti 100€ Gtx 960 120-150€ Gtx 660 50-80€ Gtx 760 100-110€ R9 270x 100-120€ HD 6970 100-110€ Gtx 670 80€ Cheapest 1050 150€
  6. Is there is better Gpu than GTX960 for 500w psu with single PCI 6 pin connector?
  7. No but i will try it to install driver from cd included in box
  8. Just done that and still nothing
  9. Hello i just got new gpu the radeon rx460 I try to run any game and it doesn't work its says "radeon stopped working" dose any of you know how to fix it?
  10. XeqtER

    Is it worth

    Used GTX 960 2-4GB gose for around 120-140eur
  11. XeqtER

    Is it worth

    I want to buy new new GTX 1050ti but price differences is to big for me. You can buy RX 460 2GB for 100eur but if you want to buy cheapest 1050ti it will cost you 160eur.