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  1. Flash Chrome Problem

    I want to allow flash for a specific site, but I dont have the "add" box next to "allow" First, I would like be able to block/allow specific sites, and if possible I'd also like to be able to have flash enabled on every site. pic attached thx
  2. Problems With Drivers

    I don’t think so, next time when I update I’ll give you the error message or code it gives me. thanks for now.
  3. Problems With Drivers

    It just stops in the middle, it gets to the part where it installs the drivers, but at around 25% it stops and tells me something went wrong.
  4. Problems With Drivers

    I put all of that in the tags of the post. after all, I am reinstalling it every time and I still have to do this...
  5. Problems With Drivers

    Do you have any idea how I can fix it?
  6. Problems With Drivers

    Whenever there is a new update to my drivers, I can’t just download the drivers and update, I always need to remove the old version using DDU and only then install the new version, which takes a long time and it’s kind of annoying doing it every time. is this normal? How do I fix it? Side note: I don’t play anything while updating, I just watch YouTube or things like that while it’s updating.
  7. GeForce Experience Not Working

    Anyone? I even put effort into this thread...
  8. GeForce Experience Not Working

    When I open Geforce Expecience, nothing works there, there is nothing on the home page, just "Games you play appear here" (and nothing there, altho I play at least 3 different games everyday), and when I go to the drivers tab, A message pops up saying: "Something went wrong. Try restarting GeForce Experience.", with no option other than "close" I just reinstalled my drivers also... (2 days ago, and sinse it didn't work, reinstalled because my monitor crashed when I tried to update.) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is what I have: X399 Auros Gaming 7 Auros 1080Ti Windows 10 64 Bit 32 GB RAM 3200Mhz AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2 monitors: one SyncMaster T190P (Second), and one Asus PG279Q (Main) 1TB SSD 960 Evo 4TB Seagate SATA -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I downloaded my drivers from here: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx With this configuration: GeForce GeForce 10 Series GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Windows 10 64 Bit English (US) Uninstalled drivers using DDU after booting in Safe Mode -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks! doxiMAN_MAN
  9. Computer Doesn't Detect 1080Ti URGANT PLEASE

    How can I do it with keeping my files?
  10. Computer Doesn't Detect 1080Ti URGANT PLEASE

    Update: (All of this not in Safe Mode, because I can't go into Safe Mode) I openned the DDU, and first I went to- Options -> NVIDIA Specific Settings -and checked-> Remove C:\NVIDIA driver folders. And then I pressed on the Clean and Restart, and when the computer booted back up, I tried to install the drivers, but it still didn't work, the same problem. And when I go to my display adaptors, it still says this (and stuck at max 2560x1440@64):
  11. Computer Doesn't Detect 1080Ti URGANT PLEASE

    The software said it's RECOMMENDED to be in safe mode, so I didn't think I HAD to.
  12. Computer Doesn't Detect 1080Ti URGANT PLEASE

    What do I do? Can you tell me step by step what to do? I've never used this before.
  13. Computer Doesn't Detect 1080Ti URGANT PLEASE

    I can't enter safe mode, because when I get to this screen my keyboard or mouse isn't functioning, I even tried to spam 4 and F4, but nothing happened. Is there another way to boot into safe-mode while MY KEYBOARD IS FUNCTIONING?
  14. Computer Doesn't Detect 1080Ti URGANT PLEASE

    Also, I did use DDU, I ran it and removed the drivers, I even restarted just in case.
  15. Computer Doesn't Detect 1080Ti URGANT PLEASE

    Whenever I try to install the drivers now it tells me that the drivers failed to install. Picture in 15 minutes, if needed.