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  1. any suggestion i have ryzen 3 1300x
  2. mouse laggy help

    i got 16gb ram before i removed it
  3. mouse laggy help

    GA-A320MA-M.2 (rev. 1.0)
  4. mouse laggy help

    mobo says this thou weird
  5. mouse laggy help

    For optimumperformance, when enabling Dual Channelmode with twomemorymodules, we recommend that you install them in the DDR4_1 and DDR4_2 sockets.
  6. mouse laggy help

    how do i install it in dual channel btw
  7. mouse laggy help

    same and the ram speed was 2666
  8. mouse laggy help

    lemme try reinstalling it
  9. i probably wont beacause i have no where to store my parts while i send the mobo
  10. mouse laggy help

    i have ssd and cpu usage is 40%
  11. mouse laggy help

    i just installed new ram yesterday and all of a sudden when im playing overwatch my game might shutter and riun my aim or i would move my mouse and it would move very weird its a g602
  12. is it worth it to return my mobo and it was my first build how do i transfer my parts to a new mobo safely
  13. i got this mobo GIGABYTE GA-A320MA-M.2 i really like it but it cant overclock (i dont know if amazon would allow to return) i also have a ryzen 3 cpu so it cant overclock but i found this app called ryzen master can i just use this app to overclock my cpu instead of returning my mobo ?
  14. just build a pc low fps in games

    and the fps in inconsistent even thou i cap it
  15. just build a pc low fps in games

    yeah but this is an esports