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  1. Hello, About 5 days ago my computer doesn't boot anymore after it was in sleep mode, it just turns on and blows the fans without the cpu cooler lights glowing, it doesn't turn off and i need to flip the switch on the psu. After this i turn it back on and all fans spin really loud and it doesn't boot, again the cpu cooler light doesn't turn on. The only way it turns on is if i remove power completely and wait about 5 minutes and turn it back on again, then it will blow the fans loud, then softer and loud again and soft and it takes like 30 seconds for it to come to the splash screen, after this it boots but the whole bios has been reset. When i finally get into windows it automatically presses the CTRL key the whole time until i do FN + ESC, i never had this before with this keyboard before this problem. I tried resetting the CMOS battery and that doesn't work, after this i updated the bios and this didn't work too, only now after the bios update before it boots i see a blinking cursor before the splash screen. Sometimes when i game the computer just turns off out of nowhere and it has a hard time booting up again and will reset the bios. I've checked the temps and they are all good. Also after i updated the bios and put the memory on profile 1 for 3000mhz again the task manager section for the ram doesn't show the frequency anymore, it only shows: Reserved for hardware 0,0 PB. In cpu id it says the memory runs at 1064.1MHz. I've tried so much and i can't get my computer to stop blowing its fans really loud and not booting. At this point i think my motherboard is bricked but idk for sure because it still boots when im lucky. I have a Gigabyte motherboard and yes i know they were trash but i didn't know this when i bought it, is it because of this? I got this motherboard since february 2018, worked fine until now. Everytime after im done using the computer and shut it off i flip the power switch on the PSU to turn it fully off (maybe it has something to do with this?) Anybody knows a solution? Any help is appreciated! Specs: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 stock clockspeed Asus GTX 1070 Founders Edition Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 2x8gb Corsair vengeance ddr4 3000mhz 120gb kingston ssd 1tb seagate barracuda. Stock AMD cooler. Also sorry for bad english :c
  2. it was 3 years old. got the new ssd in now and it works great! had to install windows 10 again but i backed up my old stuff so its fine now! thanks to anyone for the help!
  3. Looks like the ssd died. i ordered a new one. the HDD works just fine on another pc. but the ssd is broken...
  4. thisnis what the other computer says about the hard drive. i want to install windows 10 new on the SSD but now the pc keep turning on and off with no hard drives in it. it keeps getting worse.
  5. it worked well until this happened 3E4596EE-93B4-4698-8613-005F994D300D.MOV
  6. So i tested the SSD's in 2 different computers. both said to select a proper boot device, even if i booted of the ssd it said that, on both computers. now i put the ssd back in my system, it booted fine and it doesn't stutter anymore. i'll keep you guys updated.
  7. Im going to check the SSD in another PC if it stutters i might have to get a new SSD. otherwise i don't know, maybe motherboard damage?
  8. Its not the RAM sticks, i disconnected the HDD and even THEN it was stuttering. i used integrated graphics and took the gpu out and its still stuttering. could it be the ssd?? its where my OS is running on. but it weird cause the SSD doesn't have any mechanical parts, how can i test it if its the ssd??? i dont think it has something to do with the cpu, the cpu runs around 45 degrees celcius.
  9. yup i think its because i punched it. still stutters with only 1 stick of ram. trying the other one now.
  10. There seem to be no loose connections, im going to check both ram sticks now. (ik ben ook nl btw)
  11. Hello, Recently my computer became to stutter and its very annoying. Yesterday it got punched by me (rage), since then it froze and made this stuttering static noise out of the speakers and had to restart it. after that it worked but it stutters every 5/10 seconds or so, is this a hard drive issue??? Sometimes it stops stuttering for like 10 minutes and after that it will stutter again. It makes this lag sound when it stutters. In the video you can see the stutter, this is in any game, any video and even on just the desktop It is a Seagate barracuda 1TB hard drive (D) and an Kingston SSDnow 120gb. It stutters in youtube videos games and even the cursor sometimes. Anyone knows the problem? Any help is appreciated! LTT VIDEOO_1.mp4
  12. apps are in the video, it are youtube++ crunchyroll++ kodi, tutu these are non jailbroken apps. btw buying an android phone, on this forum 9/10 problems come from an android phone. i mean i like android but i currently have an ios device it has ios 11.1.1. btw nelizmaster i know you from youtube nice videos bro keep it up!
  13. so i installed some 3th party apps and they worked for 2 weeks but now it says i need to verify them. when i verify them it loads and does nothing after. i tried restarting my phone and use 4g instead of wifi. none of them work. any help? ;/ its an iphone 6 64gb. 604D2CEA-2B5C-43DB-B7EF-3EF3254FDCED.MP4