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  1. this is with the clock speeds reset seems the same
  2. ok i try resetting the clock speed and stuff maybe that will help
  3. and i am using nvidia driver version 378.49 with dx 11
  4. I ran both rise of the tomb raider and the witcher 3, the top one you see is witcher and the other is rise of the tomb raider
  5. Ok i will update the drivers right now and run a rise of the tomb raider benchmark
  6. Or is it the game's optimization?
  7. I don't think a 1050 will bottleneck with a g4400?
  8. So what do you think is this
  9. 8gbs, battlefield 4 runs just fine but i haven't checked the gpu usage while running the game lol.
  10. I have 8gbs of ddr4 ram i think i am fine with memory buy bottleneck tho?? i can run other games just fine (battlefield 4 for example) without lag spikes
  11. I am here to see help and advices from you all. I have this problem where the gpu usage is extremely unstable when i was playing games. I did overclocked my gpu to 1588mHz and the memory clock to 2002mHz but I don't think that's causing the problem here. I get massive lag spikes in The Witcher 3 like it drops from 30 - literally 0 and then goes back up again its extremely annoying. Is there anyway to fix this somehow?? (the temps are just fine) My computer Spec: Intel Pentium G4400 (not overclocked of course) Zotac GTX1050 (overclocked) Corsair vs450 powersupply Asus H110M mobo 8gbs of 2133 MHz ram
  12. Hey people, so I have been using my samsung earbuds that came with my phone for several months. I wasn't happy about that so I was thinking about an upgrade to an on ear or over ear one. But I couldn't find too much on google. So I posted on this forum so this amazing community would help me out with my purchase. I have saw some good review about the skullcandy grind headphones. However i was a little bit concerned about the sound quality of that headphone. So if anyone has an idea of these headphones definitely let me know. Back to the topic, I have a budget of 70$ for a new pair of headphones. Sound quality first, Comfort second , Build quality third and aesthetics last. Give your recommendations down below. Thanks again
  13. Hey folks, so my logitech g300 (not the s version) has lasted me about 2 years and it is starting to wear out. I am not happy with the shape of it I think its awkward but I got used to it because i use it for work only. Now i wanted to change a new mouse and I saw the legendary logitech g100s but then the new logitech g102 has came out. I am planning on purchasing that. That only costs me about 25USD to get it on my hands. Is it anygood? should I buy it? Let me know....
  14. Hey folks, so recently I just bought a new pc (specs down below) and a brand new 1080p monitor (BenQ GW2270. After a few months of use only, the monitor screen blacks out for a couple seconds, then it comes back again. It is not a big thread but sometimes it can be really annoying when I am gaming and doing work. I was using a DVI cable. I have a universal adapter to connect my monitor to the power strip. Pls help me to solve this problem. PC spec: Pentium G4400 Zotac GTX1050 8gb adata 2133 MHz ram WD Blue 1TB hard disk drive Corsair VS450 power supply Asus H110m Motherboard
  15. Hey folks, I have had my Razer Hammerhead v2 for a while now, it is not comfortable, however the sound quality is ok for me. I am planning on changing a new pair of earbuds and i was considering the jaybird x2 as my daily driver. I've seen a lot of good reviews about this earbud but considering it's wireless, is the sound quality better then the wired razer hammerhead v2? Let me know by replying. thanks again.
  16. eh but i can run it at over 100fps 2days before
  17. but before the ob38 update it was doing just fine and i reckon a pentium g4400 won't bottleneck with an entry level gtx1050?
  18. yeah i have fps monitoring thing on and i still get lag spikes and 30 fps when i turn down the settings
  19. Hello friends, I have a problem here with my game. I can run paladins at max settings without any problems but recently I only get like 24fps on average and random chunky lag spikes on that game. I can run rise of the tomb raider which is obviously more demanding then paladins at 30-40fps but I my pc can't manage paladins quite well. Any solves for that problem? Is that just the game sucks? Or is it some thing wrong with my hardware? Here is my pc specs if that matters Proccesor: Intel Pentium G4400 @ 3.30GHz Graphics Card: Zotac GTX1050 Mini (not overclocked) Ram: Adata 8gb 2133MHz DDR4 memory Motherboard: Asus H110M-K Storage: Western Digital 1TB Caviar Blue
  20. Hey guys, I need your opinion about which mouse should I get, the logitech g502 or the Razer Deathadder Chroma. I am a casual gamer, non competitive and I am looking for a mouse that fits me well in my daily task and games. I need no great sensor but a comfortable grip. My hand size is about 17cm from the bottom of my palm to the tip of the middle finger and about 9.5 cm from the thumb to the pinky. I am used to the logitech g300 but it seems to start wearing out after a couple years of usage. I was a good mouse but i don't want to buy the same mouse again. I want something that give me a different experience and fun to use. I scavenged the internet and discovered this two great mice. I don't know which mice among the Logitech's or Razer's mice to pick. So with that said I need your opinion about these mice and the pros and cons of these mice.
  21. huh australia if that matters