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  1. I forgot to mention a few things. There are time where I wont have a single restart for days. It doesn't matter what game I am playing or how demanding that game might be. Restarts even happen while browsing the web or while idled on the desktop. Other times, I could have restarts a few times within a matter of minutes. Event Log doesn't seem to give me an useful information that could help me pin point the issues. Critical errors display "The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first".
  2. I've been having issues with my pc for a couple of months now. Basically, the pc will lock up and restart after a few seconds. It doesn't BSOD, just crashes and restarts. I haven't been able to pinpoint the problem with the things I have tried and I am not sure what to try. Things I've Tried: Reformat The PC Ran MemTest86 - No Errors Stress Tested CPU and GPU At Full Load - Handbrake Compression and 3DMark Simultaneously (Roughly 2 Hours). No issues at all. I had an extremely strange occurrence today after a crash that leads me to believe I might have a faulty SSD. While playing CSGO, I crashed and restarted and usual. After, I noticed that my settings were completely reset (Video settings/ keybindings/ config file). The config file is stored on my boot drive. An autoexec file I have set up (stored on a secondary SSD, along with the main game files) were all completely fine. I'm leading towards buying a new boot drive since my current boot drive is several years old;however, if this isn't an actual fix, I would only be wasting my time. I would like some suggestions on things I could attempt to figure out the cause.
  3. I just recently upgraded my video card and haven't played many demanding games. The most demanding game I have is Fallout 4. While playing it, I noticed areas in the city or other dense areas drop my fps below 60 fps. I thought it was just my video card being stressed too much but a recent discovery changed my opinion. I recently noticed that my CPU usage tends to get fairly high in these areas (70-90%) while my GPU usage sits much lower (40-60%). Is this just a CPU bottleneck that results in the fps drop? The CPU never hits 100% so I am not entirely sure what to think. This is what I currently have: MSI GTX 1060 6GB Intel I5 2320 If this is in fact a CPU bottleneck, I was planning on grabbing an Intel I5 6600k. What do you guys think?