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  1. It's supposed to copy just /minecraftworld/, but it copies every directory beforehand as well (/home/TheGermenEngie/minecraftserver/minecraftworld/.
  2. Hi all - I have a little .sh script that I can use to remotely zip and copy over my minecraft server world to a virtual machine. Minecraft worlds exist as a directory, not a file. I do this every night as a backup. However recently when I log in to the virtual machine and unzip the backed up world (which exists as a directory not a file) it unzips into mutiple directories which include /home/, /TheGermanEngie/, /minecraftserver/, and then /minecraftworld/. Instead of backing up just the /minecraftworld/ it zips all the directories before hand. How can I make it so it only zips the /minecraftworld/ and not the other directories? Here is the backup script. zip -r BTTPnightly.zip /home/thegermanengie/minecraftserver/world && scp /home/thegermanengie/minecraftserver/BTTPnightly.zip bckup@
  3. Hi all, Curious as to how bandwidth gets allocated to various devices through a home network through an ISP plan. Say I had a 100mbps (10mb/s) internet plan. Does the ISP assign 100mbps speeds for every device in the house? Is there a device limit where it starts to slow down? Or does it divide it up into chunks so the entire house caps out at 100mbps? Thanks, TGE
  4. Like I said, I tried more than one keyboard. The issue persists.
  5. Hi everyone - Today I've been troubleshooting this very annoying and frustrating issue with Windows 10. Whenever I go to sign in, the characters I type disappear as soon as they are typed. If I hold down a key long enough, the letters appear but they slowly backspace themselves until I'm left with nothing. I have a cherry MX blue mechanical keyboard and the backspace key is physically perfectly functional and not stuck. Booting into Linux doesn't have this problem. Windows 10 in a VM doesn't have this problem. W10 safe mode doesn't work. Only W10 as a host OS seems to be affected. I've tried different keyboards, different USB ports, cleaning out the connectors, nothing. Even installed a fresh copy of W10 just to see if drivers were the issue, but still it just backspaces itself in the initial setup screen. I also tried resetting the BIOS. Nothing. I'm starting to think it's a firmware virus but that could just be my impatience after trying to solve this all god damn day. Please, give me suggestions.
  6. Hi everyone - Recently I've been having weird display problems when my PC boots to the login screen. I've recently done an install of Win 7 on my X58 build and sometimes when on the login screen it flickers and looks fuzzy. Sometimes the display shuts off for a brief second then comes back on. It started when I tried adding more memory but the BIOS couldn't pick up the extra 6 gigs and the login screen started acting like it did, so I shut it down and removed the extra 3 sticks, chalking it up to corrupt/bad memory. Now it still happens time to time. Maybe it's the display port cable or my RX 480. Seller on eBay did say the 480 was used mining but I've had the card for a couple months now and it's never shown any problems. And there aren't weird color crazy artifacts, it looks more like a static you'd see on a TV screen. Edit: loading into safe mode. screen is normal, no flickering/artifacts. maybe weird driver? Thoughts/opinions?
  7. I'm using Kdenlive on Ubuntu and sometimes Davinci Resolve on Windows 10. H.264 codec. GPU isn't an option since it's the size of a NUC.
  8. How powerful is Intel's dedicated quicksync/iGPU hardware acceleration? I've seen videos made where it can edit 4K video without much stutter and can be used to accelerate video encoding. Reason I'm asking is I'm building a remote render server and it's a NUC sized PC with a 8950HK which 6 cores should be enough but it can't fit a GPU for CUDA.
  9. You make a very good point. Date your cameras, marry your glass. I recently had my portrait taken for high school and the photographer had a fairly recent Nikon full frame body but used a 35 year old lens. He printed it out on an 8x10, sharp as a TACK. So I may invest in better glass and work on my ability to physically get a better grip on my camera rather than spend money on a new body. Thanks for the dump. Well I guess I know what I'm saving my money for now. Quality glass here I come. Thank you for the advice! I mainly do portraits/street. The max I'd spend is $200-300 for a lens, I emphasize sharpness the most. So probably in the 15-40 range.
  10. Hi everyone - Currently am thinking to upgrade from my Nikon D3400 to a mid range DSLR with more capabilities. I've explored the limits of my camera's manual and priority modes and am looking for something a little more complex with more technological flexibility. My current lens is a 40mm macro which I also use for portraits. I'm also planning to get a Nikon 18-180mm. Should I invest in better glass for better sharpness/color reproduction or spend money on a new body, like a D5600 or switch to Canon? I know quality of glass can make a big difference in picture quality but a beginner DSLR body can only go so far.. I need help.
  11. Recently I bought an XFX RX 470 off eBay for $75. The seller described it as having one fan with a bad bearing and it's true, the fan closest to the display IO rattles and shakes around. XFX sells replacement fans at around $30 which imo is a rip off and I can't seem to find any 3rd party alternatives. The fans are hot swappable and got me thinking could I try and re lube the bearings? The 470 is a relatively new card so I don't think the bearings could be worn out this fast. I don't know if this card was mined on.
  12. RGB is nice for setup symmetry but if RGB had a practical use then I'd use it. Like if it were to change in color based on temperature or CPU/GPU utilization then I'd look into it.
  13. So I can get it to work by not "playing" the game but by right clicking and running the .EXE. However another issue arrives by the game not running in 64 bit mode and only 32 bit "compatibility mode". Enabling the 64 bit prefix and doing the exe method causes the game to not boot. Any ideas?
  14. I have a 64 bit system. I'll try that out and let you know if it works.
  15. So I have Beamng.Drive manually added to Lutris and it runs pretty crap without DXVK enabled. When I go configure to enable DXVK 0.92 or any other version an error message pops up saying No such file or directory: '/home/TheGermanEngie/.local/share/lutris/runtime/dxvk/0.xx/x64/dxgi.dll' -> 'drive_c/windows/system32/dxgi.dll'. Inside the 0.92 folder for example is the x64 and x32 folders which both have 5 dlls including dxgi.dll. Also inside the 0.92 folder is a file called setup_dxvk.verb What do I do now do get DXVK working? Running Lubuntu 18.10 & kernel 4.19.3.